More Ultraman Toy Collection

Here are more examples of Ultraman figures. From "Bootleg" or unauthorized versions, Electronic ones which light up and make sounds,to the latest trend of a suit and plastic helmet which fits over a GI Joe style doll. As you can see, when it comes to collecting Ultraman it's endless !!!

Battery opearated figures Examples of Battery opearated figures. On the left is Ultraman whose arm flashes. By Bandai, 1984 10" inches tall. Middle figure is Ultraman Tiga. This guys eyes and timer light and flash, plus if you move his arm up and down he makes shouting sounds....very cool !!! Bandai 1997 12 1/2" tall. Right side, is a Ultraman whose eyes and timer light and flash. 8" inches tall, Bandai 1989.

Ultraman Dyna On the left, Ultraman Dyna doll by Bandai 1998. 12 1/2" inches tall. Middle, Ultra 7 doll by Marmit, 1997. Right, Ultraman Jack doll by Takara, 1970's Henshin Cyborg doll.

These photos show new dolls by a company called Magic Q. All feature very accurate costumes and can be posed in most any position. All of them are 12" tall.

Here is a Mexican Bootleg Ultraman, A very odd combination of Ultraman powered head, Ultraman great body and Power Rangers Logo on the belt.

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nagata illustration Collector: Mark Nagata
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more ultraman toys
More Ultraman Toys