Sample Opus Dei Informational Flyer

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Please find below a sample Opus Dei Informational Flyer that can be used to give to recruitment targets and potential recuritment targets of Opus Dei operatives. It can also be posted up on bulletin boards, placed in pews and/or placed in Church bulletins. This Flyer is a good way to inform people about Opus Dei and how they run their recruitment operations. Handing out the flyer is an effective way to quietly counter attempted Opus Dei incursions into a parish, young adult group, campus ministry, CYO group or any other Catholic institution without losing credibility. This Flyer can be used in conjunction with the Guide to Preventing Opus Dei Infiltration. It is being distributed under the GNU General Public License. This Informational Flyer can be customized and modified in any way to suit a particular situation to which it is being applied. Permission is granted for this Informational Flyer to be copied anywhere in the world, at any time, in any format. This Flyer has been reviewed by people who have had extensive experience with Opus Dei's modus operandi. If this flyer is too long, a Short Flyer has also been produced, which can also be used.

Useful Information About Opus Dei
aka "The Work of God" or "The Work"

Opus Dei operates essentially as a dangerous, wealthy, powerful, mind-control cult embedded in the heart of the Catholic Church. It seeks new recruits throughout the Church using a number of sophisticated and highly developed psychological cultic mind-control techniques. Please find below some information on how Opus Dei operates and how to find more information about them:

Further information about Opus Dei can be found on the Web at: