Why a Turtle Sanctuary?

Turtles are one of Earthís greatest success stories, until very recently. They have existed virtually unchanged for more than 225 million years, since before the dinosaurs. Now they are being crowded out by humans, or hunted and eaten like never before. Until we can get our world into loving balance, they need to be protected and preserved, for all of us. I felt called to give them a physical and spiritual home.

The ecological purpose of the turtle sanctuary is to be an assurance colony, where the turtles can be protected and hopefully reproduce. Then if they do become extinct in the wild, there is a possibility of reintroducing them if some still exist in captivity. Some of the species at the sanctuary have not reproduced much in captivity, so this is a challenge.

My spiritual purpose in keeping turtles is to hold and preserve the frequency or vibration of these ancient beings. All of us -- Mother Earth and all her inhabitants -- need their unique note in the cosmic symphony for our spiritual evolution.

Some of turtle's teachings are to ground ourselves in the nurturing and protection of Mother Earth, and to flow with her energies at a pace which assures completion of our tasks. Turtle also represents gentleness, patience, quiet strength, and hidden power.

Communicating with Animals

I regard animals as kindred beings, souls having an in-body experience. People can communicate with animals (and animals with each other) using intuition. These intuitive methods can be learned from books or from professional animal communicators. It is done from alpha state, similar to meditation. Most people who work with animals do some intuitive communication, even if they are not aware of it -- it's a large part of being "good with animals".

I have been communicating with animals in this way for about 7 years. It is not necessary to be with the animal physically to do this. You can "hear" their thoughts and send yours, pick up their feelings, sense the physical sensations they are experiencing, even communicate in pictures, all at a distance. Itís a great anxiety-saver when Iím on vacation!! It also greatly helped get new turtles through the stress of coming from Chinese food markets to their new home here. I also communicate with nature spirits in the same way, consulting them on the care of my animals and asking for their help.

Links and References

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There are quite a few books on this topic. Some of my favorites are: