Cats and Dogs

These are pictures of my cat Joey and my dog Bonnie. For most pictures, you can click on a thumbnail image to see a larger view.

There's also a section for angel dog and cats.


I got Joey from a kitten rescue in December 2006. He is very affectionate, and full of curiosity and enthusiasm for life!

8 weeks old
About 10 weeks

On top of the china cabinet
On the fireplace frame, watching turtles


Bonnie is a Shiba Inu who came to me in May 2013 at almost 3 years old. She ran through my pond her first evening here, and so started out with a bath, but she was very good about it. I also had to use treats to teach her to climb stairs, but she's smart once was all it took. She learned the "sleep on the bed" trick really fast!


Gone to Spirit

These are pictures and stories of angel dog Cinnamon and cats Megan, Victor, Midnite, and Katie. Click on an image to see a larger version.


We got Cinnamon in December 1997 for (and on) my birthday, when she was 8 weeks old. She was a Shiba Inu breed, and a present that kept on giving! She was delightful, very affectionate and playful. She loved almost everyone, especially children. She got along well with the cats, and she and Joey even played together, chasing and wrestling! However, her body wore out at age 15 1/2, too soon for me. Fly free, Cinnamon!

Cinnamon at the beach with me

Cinnamon taking a nap
Cinnamon and Joey

Almost 2 years old
Let's play!

Cinnamon as a puppy
5 months old


I got Megan as a kitten, and she was a beautiful and affectionate cat. She was my cat in her former life, and we arranged to be together again. We have a very strong intuitive connection, and much love between us.


Victor, the formerly "wild" cat

Victor came into my garage through the cat door during a snowy period in late December. He was scruffy and limping. I gave him food and water, but could not catch him. After a few days I became concerned about his possible health problems and the effect on my other cats, so we closed him in the garage and my husband managed to catch him, though the cat bit his hand through a very heavy glove! We took Victor to the vet, where he shared his lice and rearranged everything on the shelf in the exam room by trying to climb the wall! After I gave him a series of baths he no longer had lice, and was a bit more tame. Kind friends and cat lovers Kristin and Asoka kept Victor in their guest room while I had holiday company, and then Victor came back to be neutered and live in one of my bathrooms while I tried to tame him and improve his health. It took months of patient work, using intuitive animal communication and Tellington Touch, but Victor became a beautiful and sweet companion. He was still very fearful, and hid whenever anyone but us was around. However as time went on he got comfortable with other people that were here a lot, actually became fairly sociable, and was my lap cat! So I feel that he did have a good victory over his fears. When his kidneys finally failed, Steve (and the vet) helped him with his transition out of a body that no longer worked. I miss my velcro-cat in the kitchen, even if I did almost fall over him a lot of times! But I'm sure hes found a place in the sun.



Midnite came to me when he showed up on my mother's porch late one night, and she thought he was much too nice to turn away. So she called me to see if I could take him. He had been my cat in his former life, so I was not at all surprised to have him come back. Midnite was the top cat in my house, and ruled with a mellow touch. He loved the woodsy areas near my house, and tried to teach young cats to hunt just as a mother cat would. He was a dear companion and is sorely missed.



I found Katie when I was advertising for a similar-looking cat I had lost. Katie was a stray, and the woman who called me had been feeding her and thought she might be my cat. I knew she wasn't, but felt moved to adopt her anyway. She had a very sweet disposition, and shared my life for several years. She got an unusual kind of cancer, and in spite of surgery and other efforts, eventually succumbed to it. She leaves a warm spot in my heart.