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Mike Olivieri, Square Dance Caller

Mike's 3 month schedule of Square Dances 2019

Feb.    2       Quadra Dangle                                                                                    Laramie, WY
Feb,    8       Berthoud Barn Owls all Plus Dance                                              Berthoud, CO
Feb.    9       Merry Mixers  Love in Paris Dance                                                  Greeley, CO
Feb.  16       Pueblo Pepper Steppers                                                                        Pueblo, CO
Feb.  23       Ridge Runners                                                                                      Conifer, CO

Mar.   2       Quadra Dang                                                                                       Laramie, WY

 Mar.   8       Skirts and Shirts                                                                               Wiggins, CO

Mar.   9       Ridge Runners                                                                                      Conifer, CO

 Mar. 10       Northeast Callers and Cuers Beginner Jamboree                    Berthoud, CO

Mar. 15      Quadra Dangle                                                                                     Laramie, WY

 Mar. 22      Square Halos                                                                                     Lakewood, CO

 Mar. 27      Hix and Chix                                                                                      Longmont, CO

 Mar. 30     Ridge Runners 5th Saturday Plus Dance                                        Conifer, CO


Apr.   6     Pueblo Pepper Steppers                                                                          Pueblo, CO

Apr. 27    Ridge Runners                                                                                         Conifer, CO

Would you like to learn Square Dance!  Lessons taught by Mike are:

Sunday, 3 - 5:30  PM, Aspen Park Community  Center, 26215 Sutton Road, Conifer, Colorado  
Starts September 9, 2018
Sponsoring Club, Ridge Runners

Monday, 6 - 8:30 PM, LifeBridge JM Connecting Place, 1011 S. Jay Ave, Johnstown, CO  
Starts September 10, 2018
Sponsoring Club, Foot and Fiddle

Wednesday, 6 - 8 PM, Longmont Senior Center, 910 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont, CO 
Starts September 19, 2018
Sponsoring Club, Hix and Chix

Thursday, 7 - 9 PM, Glenn's Den, 10178 Empire Road, Lafayette, Colorado,
Starts September 13, 2018
Sponsoring Club, Scootbacks

Friendship set to music is Square Dancing