Echoes of War by Paul Schmitt
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This ground-breaking volume is a follow-up to the acclaimed Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals and is an indispensable aid to medal collectors and all those interested in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War or more general Soviet military history.    Echoes of War

It is the only book to feature the widest published collection of Soviet awards’ serial numbers and awarding information.  This tabulated information is further expounded upon by over 65 actual, contemporary award citations describing a selection of the feats for which the awards were granted.  All war-period decorations and their corresponding, sample award citations are covered in detail.  An added bonus is provided by period photographs, detailed maps to place the items in a historical, as well as geographical, context, and finally a detailed bibliography enabling the reader to pursue his own research.

The author has over twenty years’ experience both studying and teaching the Russian language, collecting Soviet militaria, and has lived and traveled widely throughout the former Soviet Union.  

This limited edition, quality hardcover book contains 192 pages of color and black-and-white photos, detailed operational and tactical maps, and serial number data. It is available here for $75 plus shipping. 

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