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I believe that there are morphogenetic fields & they are a huge part of God's Great Grand Scheme that have emanated from His omnipresence, omnipotence & omniscience. I believe they are part of His Great & Perfect Design, as a Great Mechanism, Process, Methodology, or Algorithm that have strongly stood through the tests of time, providing for "The Whats" & "The Hows" in growth, development & evolution as well as knowledge, habits, & behaviors of every living & non-living thing. I think such existence of morphogenetic fields makes sense in God's Great Scheme to encompass everything, all over, since the beginning of time, all the time: past, present, & future. I do believe that morphogenetic fields are akin to souls, spirits, essences & are ways that God has had Almighty Control over everything in existence, part of His Great & Almighty Mind over all: creation, formation, growth, development, evolution, cycling & repetitions of these on everything, living & non-living things, year after year, past, present & future. They are part of God's Mind over all matter. Morphogenetic Field is a way that His Great Mind has controlled all formations, knowledge, habits,...all existence. They are "memory fields". They are "invisible molds" that are remembered. They direct how things form & behave. Morphogenetic fields exist in this Almighty Mind that is everywhere, everytime, & all the time, controlling all that exist. God setup all morphogenetic fields as perfect plans & "molds" for each & every formation that exists: humans, animals, plants, everything. The first humans were in God's perfect image: with supernatural, preternatural & natural essences. With perfect morphogenetic fields. They were perfect & included with that perfection, God gave humans "free will" to do what they want. Everything was good until the first fall of mankind, when "free will" was first misused, wrong decision was made - disobedience was committed. With free will came temptation. With temptation came disobedience & sin & the fall of humankind, which opened the gates to other things, good & bad, health & diseases & pain, perfection & imperfection, eternity & mortality, life & death, & so on, as a result of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Bad. Humans were left with just their fallible nature - imperfect. Likewise, though morphogenetic fields were perfect in the beginning, there came mistakes, sins & imperfection which have been remembered as they were repeatedly committed. These have resulted in "broken" morphogenetic fields as well: imperfect, deformed molds with diseases, abnormalities, disfunctionalities & misbehaviors. The more these sins, disobediences, mistakes recur or are committed, the more they add to the "deformed" morphogenetic fields which cause that matter which tunes in to them to grow with deformation, defects, diseases & misbehaviors. No, those imperfect morphogenetic fields did not originate from God. They originated from human's fallible nature: sinful/immoral deeds or acts, repeated botched experiements, bad medical procedures & practices, corrupt knowledge, repeated misbehaviors, harm & injuries towards living, non-living, organisms & inorganic matters. Although common consensus is that a body is the container of the spirit, with the hypothesis of formative causation, the morphogenetic field pre-exists, & it IS the mold, the "container" that effects the form & behavior of the body. Just as God said to the prophet, Jeremiah, (Jer 1:5) "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..."; God created the soul first & know how the soul is, before the material part (body) of this soul was conceived in the womb of the mother. And our spirit persists even after death, outside the body. Just as God's Great Mind is outside anyone's brain, morphogenetic fields are NON-local to any time, space or matter. Once the field is started or created, it persists & continues on & on forever. God's omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence surround everyone & everything, outside the realm of time, space or matter. He is always is, "I am that I am". With God, there is no such thing as then, now, tomorrow or here & there. He is "I AM" always. I believe that good & perfect morphogenetic fields emanate from God that effect everyone's & everything's form & behavior. God made them & everything else flows forth from them exactly as how God designed them. CAUSE & EFFECT: Bad "molds" or morphogenetic fields are caused by repeated harmful, sinful thoughts & behaviors that effect bad, deformed, misbehaved, diseased/defective organisms & parts, knowledge & habits, which could get ingrained at the genetic level (e.g. DNA/RNA), the more frequently they occur, repeated or are practised. SOLUTION: Prevent adding to these bad, deformed morphogenetic fields by avoiding & preventing sins & immoralities, repeated harmful procedures, experiments, injuries, immoral, sinful thoughts & behaviors. Follow Jesus' Way, Will & examples, to let good morphogenetic fields prevail. RESULT: Bad morphogenetic fields will not multiply & accumulate to influence "defects" in formations, knowledge & behaviors. Good morphogenetic fields, coming back to God's perfection, will thrive & succeed. God wins over all things. ...to be continued... Back to the top


The hypothesis of formative causation (1981 Rupert Sheldrake) by morphogenetic field resonance explains that invisible fields that provide form like a mold exist which drive or influence the mechanistic, physico-chemical synthesis in morphogenesis (coming-into-being or form) of each part of an organism (human, plant, animal, etc.), in all stages of its formation, starting at the genetic or cellular level, influencing the arrangement of structures of synthesis at each stage, all the way to its full, complete form. (see Figure 1). There are such fields in each stage of growth of an organism's structural parts & there are different kinds of morphogenetic "form" fields for each type of organism. Each organism of the same gene has its own kind of morphogenetic field & will only resonate to its morphogenetic "form" field & thus grow & form to be as it is, e.g. human form with all of human parts. Besides influencing the physical structure of organisms, morphogenetic fields also provide non-local, non-physical "memories" that also influence an organism's behaviors, capabilities & skills, as well as knowledge. Although such "behavioral" morphic fields are invisible, repeated occurrences or execution of the same "activity or thought" by several of the same type of organism creates new morphogenetic fields or add to existing ones, that could result in effects getting ingrained at the physical level, or at the genetic structure of the same organisms performing such activities specifically in the next or future generation of that organism located at any place in the world. Thus, such knowledge, skills & behaviors are "passed-on", not just to future generations, but in parallel for the same kind of organism, wherever they are located, especially if they resonate (tune-in) to the morphogenetic field. Even without any contact or communication with the source of the field, the same kind of organism located somewhere else can suddenly acquire the knowledge, skill or behavior. And so there are geniuses, child prodigies & talented individuals even without any prior training or no inheritance of such capabilities from parents or from preceding generations. Repeated activities, behaviors, knowledge, thoughts which did not previously have their own morphogenetic field, cause new morphogenetic fields to be created & accumulated which then affects genetic coding of subsequent generations of the same organism that are executing the same activities, behaviors, knowledge & thoughts. And so, advancement of decoding DNA & RNA strips may reveal such a "behavioral" genetic code ingrained in the organism's gene, which may not have been there before in preceding generations. Thus, future generations of the same organism can perform such activity or know about matters without being taught about them or being shown to them. The morphogenetic field of each organism act as a stimulus to the physico-chemical synthesis of its formation. Each organism has its own kind of field such that its formation & growth resonates only to that type of field. Fields have been recorded from repeated occurrences of such formation in the past for the same organism. Resonance (tune-in) with the morphogenetic field of an organism's cell or organelle in its stages of growth causes the physico-chemical synthesis arrangement of its cells to conform to the field's shape at each stage of growth until it reaches its full form. This resonation is akin to how transmitted radio (electromagnetic) signals that are at a certain frequency, can only be received & understood by receiver channels that were built & tuned-in to that specific frequency. Unlike electromagnetic fields or signals, which involve energy & thus are limited by distance, space & time, morphogenetic fields are not. Once created & recorded, morphogenetic fields persist & do not diminish; are available all over, everywhere, from the time it comes about & onwards in the future. Morphogenetic fields are analogous to memories, to souls or spirits that can not be extinguished by any physical means, yet they have capabilities of affecting & effecting the physical realm, e.g. formative causation. So even if the physical matter terminates or ceases to exist (death or extinction), the fields continue on. As memories, they are stored in some memory bank that is all over us, outside of the physical brain, place & time. Morphogenetic fields are non-local, which means it is not limited within any physical realm, e.g. the power of prayers effects healing from ailments; abundant plant growth in a laboratory of seeds that were prayed upon vs. seeds that were not prayed upon; measurable results from such tests. They are invisible, do not consume energy, non-physical, yet put effects on the physical, especially in abundant recurrence & repetition. The origin of past morphogenetic fields started from the very beginning of creation itself. Subsequent regeneration strengthens these fields & so the same formation recurs for years from one generation to the next. New morphogenetic fields are created & recorded whenever repeated new formations are produced through natural evolution, synthesis or manual stimuli, mix-breeding, botched procedures & such morphic unit manipulations. Although these new fields come about especially when manipulations are done at the tiniest, lowest morphic unit (cellular, DNA/RNA level), or at its initial stages of growth & formation (not in full / final stage) they affect all the stages of growth & formation including at the final stage, at full or adult form. E.g. presence of BRCA, breast cancer risk at the gene level, yet breast cancer occurs in adulthood. As stated above, morphogenetic field of each organism act as a stimulus to the physico-chemical synthesis of its formation. E.g. Fertilized egg goes through multiple cell-divisions to form each part of the body of the organism. But how do these cells know to form different kinds of parts of the body? For sure, all parts are encoded in the DNA & RNA, at the genetic level, & 2 arms, 2 feet are encoded there but how do these cell know exactly how they look? their actual & final shape? It is important to note that the genetic code for "limbs" are there in all organisms, including plants & fish. However, why don't fish & plants grow limbs? And why are human's legs different from a dog's or other animal's legs? They all have THE SAME genetic code for "limbs", afterall. Keep in mind that each of the same organism has its own kind of morphogenetic field. So even though the genetic code for "limb" is common across different organisms, its shape will form based on how it's morphogenetic field is shaped as "memorized" from the very beginning of its existence. Besides the arrangement of the code, & know that scientists have experimented on transporting codes from one organism to a different kinds, they have not successfully produced the correct expected results amongst gene-crossing/mixing because of lacking in morphogenetic field for such formation. However, the problem with such repeated mistakes in mutations is, new morphogenetic fields could get created from them & so an evolved, mutated, deformation will start on the future growth & formation of that organism, which becomes encoded at the DNA genetic level. (see Figure 2) Deformed morphogenetic fields for the same organism's part are created when repeated occurrences of such natural or man-made damaging cell-mutation practices occur towards the earliest stages of synthesis, (e.g. DNA or cellular level). So when a forming cell tunes-in to such a field, its physico-chemical synthesis conforms to such morphogenetic field resulting in a deformed organelle. Inborn defects, child or adult diseases come about when gene or cell present (embedded) in the specific organism's cell or structure (e.g. DNA, organelle) resonates/ tunes-in to a recorded morphic field of the "damaged or diseased" part(s) of the body. Given this tested & proven hypothesis, I strongly believe that some distorted morphogenetic fields that were recorded from repeated occurrences through botched medical & scientific experimentations, mutations, & procedures have caused subsequent birth defects, deformations, abnormalities, & diseases that could not be explained & so are labeled as "CAUSE UNKNOWN / UNSEEN". Besides manual procedures on organisms & plants (& inorganic forms), environmental, behavioral, mental factors contribute to new morphogenetic fields. Repeated occurrences of such external factors record a new field in the "memory bank" (presence of past) in such a way that it gets embedded into the gene or molecular/genome level of the forming/growing plant or organism. Old & new fields affect new formations occurring in parallel or some other place & future time. Everything becomes cumulative. The more such "events" (manipulations, environment, behavior) occur, the higher the probability that an invisible morphogenetic field will be created & recorded which will then affect organic & inorganic entities in their gene or molecular level, especially during formation or growth. And so any organism's cell that tunes-in or resonates with that field(s) will then acquire the (good & bad) "qualities" of that field, which get embedded into its gene level during growth or formation. Back to the top


1) MORPHOGENETIC FIELDS It is an INVISIBLE "MOLD" that drives & affects a physical growth or formation, at the gene or molecular level, to become or form as it is, & acquire all qualities recorded in this field All growth/evolution is not just from physical, physiological, chemical synthesis & aspects or parts (e.g. DNA/RNA cell). A "field" is invisible, universal, external or non-local (not limited by space & time) that affects organic & inorganic entities & their growth & formation at the gene or molecular, tiniest level. 2) THE PAST IS CUMULATIVELY REMEMBERED Although each living plant or organism is unique, the ALWAYS-BECOME-THAT-KIND is "remembered" for that DNA/RNA. For example, there is a DNA switch called "CsB" at the end of human limbs which scientists think causes human limbs to grow hands & feet. Such a DNA switch sequence is present in animals & fish as well. However, it is known fact that animals do not grow the same hands & feet as humans while fish do not have hands & feet at all. So how is it that humans have hands & feet, with fingers & toenails, respectively, while animals do not grow the same type at the ends of their limbs, given the SAME type of sequence & switch in both our DNA's? Scientists do not have solid explanation to this, especially for fish, except that the fish do not have to walk on land & so therefore, they don't develop limbs & feet, even though this capability is in their DNA too. This explanation alludes to some "invisible" ENVIRONMENTAL factor that affects the PHYSICAL aspect (DNA strand) & formation of beings & their parts. And this is where the morphogenetic field effect comes into play. And since the human hands & feet are formed the way they are since the very beginning, therefore, as recorded in the memory bank, human hands & feet form at the end of human limbs, animal paws form at the end of animal limbs, while fish don't have them at all, considering they did not have them in the past, even though all these same/similar sequences & switches are present in all our DNAs. LATERAL FORMATIVE CAUSATION: e.g. human DNA/RNA becomes full human being, not something else. plant/animal DNA/RNA becomes that kind of plant/animal, not something else PROBLEM: whenever defects/diseases are introduced into a growth (e.g. botched/abortion, injuries), or gene-crossing that results in mutation mistakes, these get logged as an invisible form causative memory field. So even if DEFECT had NO PRIOR physical existence in a family, repeated introductions of the defect gets remembered so can occur "randomly" in non-relative, family member at ANY PLACE in the world & in parallel or future time. 3) Younger generations are more smarter/knowledgeable than older generations: how human & animal offsprings RIGHT AWAY KNOW (without being taught about it) the "solutions" to situations/mazes, other/new info, that their parents learned from experience before they were even born; so kids nowadays are smarter, know more than their precedents. 4) MASTER CELL's PLURIPONTENCY (e.g. embryonic stem) - ability to become/form into DIFFERENT KINDS of parts (into earliest stage of growth: organelles, branch sprout, etc.): given 1 single & SAME gene, DNA/RNA, a plant or organism's parts would grow DIFFERENT brances / organs from it, in its phases of growth. This "which-part-to-become-into-NEXT" is not part of the single physical microscopic DNA/RNA single cell. Instead of becoming all same part, (e.g just a head), there are arms, legs, heart, brain, ... from the SAME, single-cell. And so THE SAME DNA/RNA exists in any & all of these parts. 5) FORMATION does NOT skip intermediate growth stages lest "cancer", defects or bad mutations result if forced to skip intermediate stages PROBLEM 1: Embryonic stem cell, in standalone or by itself, or introduced into an adult/fully developed/grown organ, such "trial-and-error" experimentations, go against NATURAL formations & can cause more abnormalities, cancers & defects, instead of "cures". To think about: have you seen an embryo cell grow-up into the CORRECT PARTS of full grown human being's organ, e.g. full heart? All experimentations have failed. Because the embryonic stage is NOT THE SAME stage as a fully-developed human organ. The morphic field (MOLD) at early stage is DIFFERENT from the morphic field of later/final stage of development. Due to PLURIPONTENCY (become any kind) of an embryonic cell, ANY PART COULD FORM from it. These scientists don't realize that IT COULD BE growing into some OTHER ORGAN than what they are trying to grow. e.g. mix with cell from "full-heart", it developes into a brain instead or such OTHER MUTATION! PROBLEM 2: Such experimentations, bad mutations, abortions, botches, injuries, etc. that are introduced form new "morphic fields MOLDS" that get remembered / stored in the "memory banks". These invisible BAD "molds" will affect some physical growth somewhere, sometime & so NEW DEFECTS / ABNORMALITIES form-into-being that will boggle scientists', doctors', genetic engineers' minds to think: "CAUSE IS UNKNOWN" They don't realize, it is their fault. PROBLEM 3: As physical introductions, likewise, environmental, societal introductions, e.g. repeat violence, injuries, criminal acts, etc., also ADD to the morphic fields. Before you know it, a violent, mental, psychological behavior becomes "INGRAINED" into the genetic level. Even if NOT-IN-THE-FAMILY or BLOOD in preceding generation, all of a sudden, new generation has acquired SUCH "behavioral" gene. ...to be continued... Back to the top


These letters were e-mailed to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, the scientist who championed the theory of formative causation, morphogenetic field and the hypothesis of morphic resonance.

Abortion creates bad, bad, BAD Morphic Fields (saved in the "universal memory bank") 08-24-03 Dear Dr. Sheldrake: While I have been waiting for your response on my previous email sent about a month or so ago (re: "skipping intermediate stages of formation") , more issues have come up and so I am writing to you again. I heard this news about infants born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or HLHS disease wherein the left side of the heart is underdeveloped or even unformed. First thing that came to mind is possible "accident" during pregnancy like perhaps, the mother bumping her abdomen causing such malformation in the body; or any chemical/drug side effects, etc. But if none of these happened whatsoever, I thought there could be a much better explanation to this (even though the medical community still says "unknown cause") other than "a glitch of nature". As always, in science and engineering we always say there is a very good explanation why or how things happen. I read from one of your books about how developing systems "regulate", whereby even though part of the developing system is removed or if parts are added - the system continues to develop (based on the usual pattern of the morphic form field) in such a way that a more or less normal structure is developed. So how could it be that even though there exists the "normal morphic field" of the WHOLE FORM and structure of the heart, AND no "accidents" or drug side effects happened during pregnancy, why does the HLHS disease occur? And that this "developing system" did NOT regulate? as to form into a complete and functional structure (even if smaller version or whatnot)? My explanation to this is due to fetuses being aborted right while the heart is still forming inside the womb which upon repetitive procedures all these years have created an actual BAD morphic field which is what causes HLHS effecting 1-2% of infants born with congenital heart diseases. Now I know you have admitted on one of your books that the origin of the basic, normal existing morphogenetic fields (i.e. whole human form) is unknown. (Although, as a creationist myself, I attribute these "GOOD" morphic fields to be from God Himself.) Yet, its persistence is due to the recurrence of developing systems, happening over and over again - same human form since the beginning, still the same now. However, new and "evolved" morphic fields come about sometimes due to scientific experiments (i.e. creating mutants, crystals, behavioral tests on lab rats, etc.) and possibly through what happens in our environment, society and culture. And you also wrote before that only the first experiment is hard to successfully accomplish. But the moment one single successful breakthrough occurs, the rest become repetitively successful - ala "Eureka"! That's because a NEW morphic field is created for the "successful" breakthrough which propagates and resonates throughout making subsequent procedures a cinch to execute and reproduce anywhere it is done and from thereon - and to keep in mind that this happens even without the scientists "sharing notes" or without any knowledge what one has accomplished at another place. This is where I make the connection between abortion done on fetuses while still undergoing "system development" to the HLHS disease. All these decades that abortion has gone on, all these repetitive procedures could have created BAD morphic fields. You probably know that within 22 days after conception, the baby's heart starts to beat. Then other parts are still in the "development process". Abortionists really do not care what is developing at what point in time during the pregnancy. To abort is to abort the life in the womb I am afraid that all such missing limbs, missing parts, underdeveloped parts are not simple glitches of nature. I believe in morphogenetic fields for formative causation and I believe that repetitive abortion procedures have now created many such BAD fields that are in turn propagated in baby's formation inside the womb. And it is really unfortunate that some developing babies "resonate" (vibrate and get into the same wave length) of these BAD fields that they are malformed and born with such defects (about 1,500-2,000 babies are born per year with congenital defects). What do you think? Do you think this is worthwhile to dig some more into this possibility in order to prove its importance and bad side effects, therefore, eliminate the main possible cause which is abortion? Okey, I know this could open a new can of worms as why not eliminate other suspicious activities that could possible be causing such and such diseases or even behavioral inclinations, i.e. same gender attraction, etc. because they are creating new morphic fields...Yet, I do think it is very much worthwhile to study morphic fields effects caused by abortion and prevent such unfortunate birth defects among the future of humankind. Thank you again for your perusal of my emails and I am really looking forward to your comments and response. P.S. Skipping Intermediate Stages of Formation (was Re: Tuning Fork - Stem Cell) June 29, 2003 Dear Dr. Sheldrake: Thank you for your response to my letter. I hope you do not mind a few more follow-up questions here. Firstly, yes I have to correct my improper statement, "morphogenetic fields are not in any time or space dimension". What I meant based on my understanding is that morphogenetic fields are not limited, controlled or governed by time or space because they actually propagate outside of time or space. I.e. i) (space) distant experimental results at one place are learned by subjects at a far distant place, even without any contact with one another. "Something" got transmitted to same-species subjects and they "learned" the same "trick" that was taught or trained to others in another part of the world. ii) (time) likewise, the next generation offsprings of this species already "know" about such "trick" without their parents teaching them about it or without being trained to do it. "Something" gets passed onwards from the past to subsequent generations. iii) (time) same human form gets generated over and over again (remembered) since the beginning and onwards (bar Darwin's evolution theory) (reference: "Recovering the Soul, A Scientific and Spiritual Search" by Larry Dossey, M.D.) About "intermediate stages" - your book, "The Hypothesis of a New Science of Life, Morphic Resonance", alluded to it in general under chapter 6, section 6.7, "A summary of the hypothesis of formative causation", note (vii) "Morphic resonance from the intermediate stages of previous similar processes of morphogenesis tends to canalize subsequent similar morphogenetic processes into the same chreodes." And note (xi) implies the existence of such many stages for each and every morphic germ/unit, " The morphogenetic fields of morphic units influence morphogenesis by acting upon the morphogenetic fields of their constituent parts. Thus, the fields of tissues influence those of cells; those of cells, organelles; ...these actions depend on the influence of higher-level probability structures on lower-level probability structures and thus inherently probabilistic..." Again, my main question in lieu of the above-mentioned is: What occurs if intermediate stages of formation are skipped, i.e. a lower-level early structure such as embryonic stem cell that is implanted into a fully-formed organ or human part? (By the way, I may have an erroneous understanding of "organelle" , that it is higher or later stage form than a cell; that it is the unit prior to organ tissue? Or is it actually a unit below embryonic stem cell? Thanks for correction or affirmation.) Some further questions: 1) Considering "mechanistic" and "vitalist" views or whatever apply here, do you know of any experiment that resulted in a successful "regeneration", wherein the "embryonic" part of species is transplanted into a grown or adult part for its repair? (Thus, skipping intermediate stages of development.) 2) Could you cite more examples of grown/full organism successful experiments that are more at the "cellular" level than what I list here? i) skin grafting, i.e. burn victims ii) hair root transplantation, i.e. from non-bald part to balding part 3) Do you have any idea or proposal on how to do an experiment that distinctively compares embryonic part vs. full-organ part transplantation which may further prove existence of "intermediate stages morphogenetic fields" of resonance? That using "embryonic" part (regardless of its pluripotency to become many things) will never work because it can not "resonate" to the morphogenetic field of a full organ/organism? My point in refuting "embryonic stem cell" researches is because of my objection against human cloning and embryo-killing for stem cell harvest. In my understanding of morphogenetic field propagation, we get into this form based on what happened over and over again and it is very cumulatively based on "influences of the majority" and probabilistic theory and as the same species "resonate" to the field's propagation. I have my worries on "repeated" mutations done by scientists at the embryonic level, even starting at fertilization for human cloning, and human-killing for embryonic stem-cell harvesting. Now I do not think your statements here provide a relief on what scientists are doing at the embryonic stem cell level - In chapter 7, section 7.3, "Altered pathways of morphogenesis", I quote: "... The morphogenetic fields of a species are not fixed, but change as the species evolves. The greatest statistical contribution to the most common morphological types which will also be those which developed under the most usual environ- mental conditions..." Then in section 7.7, "The inheritance of acquired characteristics", at the end of this chapter, "...Mutilations of fully-formed structures would not alter their pathways of morphogenesis unless they regenerated. Hence, mutilations of NON-generating structures would not be expected to influence the development of subsequent organisms. This conclusion is in agreement with the findings that the amputation of the tails of mice and the circumcision of Jews have no significant hereditary effects." 4) Since human embryonic stem cell is "pluripotent" and it is the starting point of the many human parts and organs, basically the beginning of its "generation", would not the many experimentations, mutilations, implantations and skipping intermediate stages of formation contribute to the alteration of the human form's morphogenetic field? 5) More on my main question about skipping intermediate stages, would you please share some more insights on this area, even at the biochemical aspect or whichever contextual area of expertise you prefer - taking embryonic stem cell and transplanting it to a fully-grown (non-generating) organ in order to find cures for form-degenerative diseases. Thank you very much for your time and perusal of this matter.
June 15, 2003 Dear Dr. Sheldrake: I have read some of your researches, writings and books on morphogenetic field, morphic resonance, theory of formative causation in the past 7 years or so. I recently bought and started reading, "The Sense of Being Stared At and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind." One question that comes to mind the more I learn about morphogenetic field effect is: "Can this explain the 'phantom limb' phenomenon?" You know, how an amputee continues to feel his/her missing arm, leg, hand or foot? Is it due to the persistent existence of the target/original form field (still with full arms and legs) even though the physical part is no longer there? In my limited readings on formative causation, I have not encountered something on "skipping intermediate stages of formation" and how does this affect the final target form (i.e. jumping from embryonic cell into adult organs or full human organism). And so, I try to tackle this below and your perusal and comments would be very much appreciated. Before I proceed to the main topic I would like to discuss with you (i.e. "Nanog", master gene found in embryonic stem cell and how does this relate to the morphic resonance of other non-embryonic stem cell's morphogenetic field), please allow me to give you the side where I am coming from. My background is in Electronics, Electrical and Communications Engineering which is based a lot on Quantum Theories and the Laws of Thermodynamics and other physics and chemical laws. Thus, I am able to follow your scientific researches at least, in a basic and more practical sense. I also have some "metaphysical" take on this as I consider myself a Roman Catholic apologist who have tackled a lot of issues and posted articles on several topis such as Creation vs. Evolution, Effects of cultures, societies and environment on, as you term, "physico-chemical morphic units", i.e. gene level. I have tried to combine Science and Religion instead of separating them, etc. Then in the field of "communication" - somehow, someday, I hope to discover something more beyond wireline and wireless electromagnetic field types of transmission and reception. (I.e. at the apparition hill in Medjugorje, former Yugoslavia, tests were done using some radiation equipment that compared readings when prayers went on vs. when there was none. This meter actually registered significant differences.) So, I definitely admire your writings and books that tackle and deal with this subject matter. I have also tried naively to see how this "great mind" field or such "morphogenetic form field" may be related to and attributed to God's Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence in the questions (again in my lame attempts to join science and religion): - Are these morphogenetic fields that surround us a big part of God's Great Grand "Control System" Scheme? (God knows everything, is everywhere and God does and controls everything.) - Did God create and setup such "field"? Then let everything's morphogenesis take place by designing each thing's "tuning fork frequency"? Thus each thing or morphic unit forms into this or that, over and over again, as long as it is tuned it to its specific morphogenetic field (based on God's specifications) - Somehow, bad things like flaws, errors in society, environmental factors, etc. could affect (add or subtract) to these form fields.? And so that explains no one is perfect - we form into something imperfect, fallible and prone to illnesses, etc.?
Now, I have something I would like to refute again --- science's attempts on mere physico-chemical, gene-level, manipulations without regard of the possibilities beyond merely matter, energy and currently known physical/chemical laws. So someone discovered "Nanog" - a master gene that is active only in embryonic stem cell. (Source: "Master Gene" Could Eliminate Embryonic Stem Cell, Washington Post, May 30, 2003) Scientists claim this master gene is responsible for the cell's "pluripotency" which is a unique ability to become any type of cell. Here's a list of issues I have on embryonic stem cell research: A. Human gene vs. mouse gene - different folks, different strokes The referenced article stated that the scientist took a "human" nanog gene and put it into a "mouse" embryonic stem cells. (Findings: "nanog prevented the process that would have converted the cells into specialized tissue, suggesting that if the nanog gene in adult stem cells were re-awakened, the gene might reprogram the cells to allow them to function as embryonic stem cell.") In my practical understanding of the theory of formative causation, each morphic unit or matter has its own morphogenetic field that it is "programmed" (strengthened and "remembered" based on past/previous repetitive formation) to resonate, reverberate or tune into in order to "form into being" or for morphogenesis to take place. Besides cross-matters', cross-species', or among different matters' different morphogenetic fields, there are also various types for each and every stage of development - from sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules,crystals,...organelles, cells,tissues,organs, organisms. Each has its own "target" morphogenetic field to form into. This means, the organ or organism will get formed (even through regeneration and regulation) into its field's "final target" form (regardless if it is smaller or bigger version). So what about the case of "mutants" - like the experiment above? Aren't the results/findings very much inconclusive considering the scientists "mixed" human matter with mouse matter? (This is one main problem with reliance merely on the physico-chemical manipulations in order to build forms.) Based on your book, "Hypothesis of A New Science of Life Morphic Resonance", the "dominant field" would garner more control over the final form. And this may depend on how often the same formation got resonated repeatedly and thus its morphogenetic field got strengthened and "remembered". In that situation, which morphogenetic field has the dominant field? Human gene or mouse gene? Considering afterall the same gene line gets formed over and over again throughout history. But since there is no measuring the "morphogenetic field" (yet) at this time, it is very hard to tell and make valid, viable conclusions with this type of experimentations. B. Human embryonic stem cell vs. human non-embryonic stem cell Embryonic stem cell research is unjustified considering there are a lot of scientific researches on non-embryonic stem cells (i.e. stem cells from new-born's umbilical cord and adult's organs) which prove their viability and success in treating medical problems like successful regeneration and repair of heart cells to replace its "dead" muscles. On the other hand, perhaps due to the embryonic stem cell's "pluripotency" itself, the cells' "regeneration" feature has caused more harm and damage than repair. Why is this so? In lieu of this, some things to point out from your book are: - Morphogenetic fields are not in any time or space dimensions - Past morphogenetic fields of the same organism affects the future morphogenesis by being added (cumulative) to the "Great Grand Scheme's Memory Bank" (i.e. remembered to get formed into the same form over and over again) - However, present and future morphogenetic fields do not have effects on previous morphogenesis (in IT/engineering terms, "not backwards compatible") - Specific matters resonate or reverberate only to its own morphogenetic field, thus forming into what it is supposed to be 1. To use an analogy to Communications Engineering here, is it possible that the embryonic stem cell is at a "front end" stage wherein there is not much "filtering" or "fine-tuning" that is ongoing? such that it is receptive to ALL different morphogenetic fields as its physico-chemical morphic unit can handle? However, these morphogenetic fields are exactly the next stage to form into such that there can be no big jumps to "adult or backend" stage or no skipping intermediate stages. 2. This is because there is no route, channel, path or line whatsoever to make the big leap as those morphogenetic fields are not available for "access" and "resonance" to at this stage. In short, the embryonic stem cell's physico- chemical morphic unit is no "tuning fork" to later stages' morphogenetic fields that it can form into that "back end's" target destination form from the frontend stage. 3. On morphogenesis, let: Embryonic stem cell = earliest/ frontend stage organelle's like beginning of heart, brain, kidney, etc. = intermediate stages Non-embryonic stem cells (umbilical cord or adult organ) = backend or target last stages reached Figure 1 shows: earliest/frontend form ---> intermediate form ---> backend/final target form

NOTES (rules?): - intermediate form can not be skipped from embryonic stage - no access to backend/final target morphogenetic form field from embryonic stage a. When embryonic stem cell (which is still at the earliest stage of morphogenesis) is introduced into an adult heart organ for its regenerative repair, although the embryonic stem cell is pluripotent to form into many different forms, this adult organ is not necessary that "intermediate" form it can become. This is because the many different morphogenetic fields it can resonate to are exactly at earlier organelles' stages. Thus, it may appear that the embryonic stem cell starts to regenerate several cells like it is repairing the heart, but it may erroneously be forming some prior or intermediate organelle's form, other than an actual final stage's full heart parts. This may explain why there has not been any concrete evidence of any success in embryonic stem cell researches in repairing fully formed organs. b. On the other hand, other stem cells from umbilical cord or other adult organs, organs, since these are parts of the "backend", target last stage of the human organ or organism, these have "direct access" to this last stage's morphogenetic fields (i.e. full heart form, full liver form, full lungs form, etc.) as well as anything below or a morphic unit's constituent parts. This shows the stem cell has "direct access" and can resonate to all the morphogenetic fields in the last stage (i.e. "template" of a fully formed heart). Thus, when stem cells from these are put in an organ, say to repair the heart, these stem cells can very well "tune-in" to a heart organ morphogenetic field's morphic resonance and thus "know" to regenerate cells that form into a full heart. This may explain the success in studies using non-embryonic stem cell to repair already full organs in organisms. Conclusion: Based on the above notes, arguments and all the researches on morphogenetic and formative causation, I conclude that the use of embryonic stems cells to continue to find cures to form-degenerative diseases that occur in fully-formed and functional organs or organisms seems moot and unfeasible. This is because the embryonic stem cell is at the earliest formative stage which does not have any direct link to the morphogenetic field in the final and target form. Basically its morphic unit does not have the basic structure (not valid "tuning fork") that can resonate to the target form's morphogenetic field. Its morphic resonance at this stage is mainly within the "intermediate", pre-mature forms' morphogenetic field which is not the final and target form's morphogenetic field. Thus, erroneous formations occur that cause more damage than repair to the "defective" organ. That the "pluripotency" of embryonic stems cells are viable only towards intermediate stages of formation - the next morphic unit it normally forms into, i.e. organelle. Taking a big leap from embryonic form towards fully-formed organ's tissue repair is not possible if the morphic unit's structure and morphogenetic field effect for each and every stage of formation is considered.
Thank you for reading my very elementary and practical handle on this otherwise very complex field of science that is way beyond my league and ability. I am looking forward to any comments or response from you. Again, thank you very much for all your contributions to this study which I think can have a great impact in scientific researches and experimentations. Back to the top


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