(Someone asked about a bedtime story for kids on a list I subscribe to, about why God has not destroyed the devil yet. Here's something for insight and enlightenment to share.)


Once upon a time God created many angels. They were given gifts to be with God to serve Him. The angels were just happy to be sharing in God's kingdom. God loves them and angels love God in return. God loves His creation. That was the "family" in God's kingdom. Then God decided to create humans too. And God created humans in His image. More added to the family. God loves them too and so there were more love shared in the family with the humans added. Some angels who saw this were envious and jealous of humans. They looked superior to the angels and so that made some angels quite angry. At one time, one angel dissuaded the humans to disobey God. (Sibling competition and rivalrly of sort.) That started the fall of humans from God because of disobedience. Together with the humans, some angels came down as well, together with the lead-bad-angel; now also called the devil. So God sort of "grounded" the humans for disobeying and He also ground some of the angels who were instigators.

God promised to restore the humans back "to the family" someday. I don't remember if He plans to do that to the other "grounded" angels. That day came when He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ. Yes indeed, there were plenty of celebrations when that day came about. Humans were removed from being "grounded". However, it was too bad for the other angels, the rest of them who still stayed in heaven. They too were wiped out and cast away from heaven. All of them, and more of them, grounded even more. So, only humans were removed from grounding, I guess.

So the family has been restored.

But watch how this family is still as "free as a bird", just like before. Any human can still decide what he/she wants. They are still free to either obey God continuously or "mingle" with the grounded angels here on earth.

So, right now, we're in-between states - between heaven and hell.

O but take note, God made another promise - that He will come again.

Now look at how glorious it was when He fulfilled His first promise. Well, it will even be MOST HAPPIEST when He fulfills His second promise - His Second Coming.

That's because then, not only will heaven be bad-angel-free, but the earth will also be bad-angel-free. However, those who would attach themselves still to the bad-angels may finally be thrown to forever-doom-grounding and there, there will never be turning back. But, it would be glorious and happiest for those who choose God and they will belong completely then to one big happy family in the New heaven and earth - where the created good angels remain together with the humans.

And Everyone - God, angels and humans - live happily ever after.


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