(Terrorist Attack on America, September 11, 2001)


On (brief?) Return Back to God - Part 2

A little over a week from last September 11's terrorist
attack and we can see that the "damage" to America has not
ended.  As a matter of fact, it has become worst - the
market has worsen, viruses are invading the corporate world's
computer systems, even more massive layoffs are occurring in
the corporate world.  Makes one seem to be grateful to not
have anything to do with the "corporate" lifestyle just to
earn a living because of the infinite uncertainties that
have gone on.

For a while there I thought finally America will realize that
it is useless to keep the separation between the State and
the Church; to separate the country's government from God.

But alas...from "returning to God" (i.e. silence, prayers,
ecumenical services in churches, candle lighting, devotions
and such), people have now turned to "patriotism" and have
gone down to reliance on "red-white and blue" flags and ribbons
pinned to their garments to show others their support.

How short-live can this get?

There is a standard understanding of the symbolisms of a
country's flag and what each color represents.  In general
the color red represents blood, martyrdom, sacrifice, bravery,
courage.  The blue represents peace and hope.  The white
represents purity.

Sounds nice.

The military now prepare for counter attack in a sense to alarm
the guilty terrorists to surrender lest they want the country
they are hiding get what President Bush terms as "America's

Notice how it seems the government is now putting "justice"
back into their own hands.

This is understandable because it can sometimes be frustrating
to just keep our patience and wait for God to do what we want
to happen.

Remember how sometimes things do not come out the way we want
it to be?  For surely, God knows what is best for all of us

In just one week, it seems God has been put aside again.
Now dependence on "man-made things" and symbolisms are at
hand to keep our spirits up high.

Couldn't we get pass more than a week to continue to remember to
look up to God for true hope, help, freedom, peace and justice
instead of gritting our teeth to go for "an eye for an eye"

Remember, the moment we stop relying on God - merely using His
Name in vain, in mere words but innerly still have more faith
in mere men and this world than Him - more wrath will continue

The recent events also showed how UNprepared a supposedly big
and superpower country like America could be.  And the terror
was not even God-made!  Nothing "natural" like the big volcanic
eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines (which by the way
drove out US bases and stations from the Philippines; those
causing more colonial corruption, prostitution, etc. to our

If mere man-made wraths can cause so much trouble upon
"unprepared" government and citizens, how much more if it were
the actual wrath of God that occurred?

People all of a sudden got busy with security, securing buildings,
homes, lives, tightly on finances, and all such physical, finite
and temporal things.

Now the military and the government are ready for counter attacks.
As if gritting their teeth, arrogantly moving forward saying,
"nobody does this to my people without paying hard" and such
"eye for an eye" attitude when one's pride got hit would fix
anything if not everything.

I pray for the poor "soldiers" who are just following commands
from their government rulers.  May God's strength and protection
be with all of them.  I hope they may not have to fire an
artillery and no innocent human being dies before all these
are over.

I heard someone mentioning in the early days since Sept. 11,
that one might wonder if most of those working in the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon who perish were prepared to face
their Creator at the event of their death?

Nevertheless, it would take a miracle from God if we find any
more alive person underneath the pile of rubble.  At this point
we have continue on looking up to God for hope instead of relying
on mere humans, especially when arrogance and vengeful attitudes
prevail among them.

I have made cards to send out the victims' families having this
simple note:

"Remember that behind each cloud that forms in the sky, the sun rises each dawn to show there is always hope for a new and better day. May GOD's strength, courage, comfort and peace be with you always."
And the main image on the card is not "red-white-blue" man-made patriotic symbols. Instead I have put a "sunflower" which of course is made by God, to provide some hope for a better and brighter day ahead. With God, anything is possible and relying on Him definitely gives us greatest security in both body and soul. Let's all be steadfast in our faith in Him. (As an aside, for the sake of preparing for war, in this day and age of nuclear power tripping, remember to have plenty of blest candles at hand at home. Most artificial devices, with any frequency controlled light and such man-made device will NOT work! The "radiation" from any explosion will interfere. Just take for example the failure of most wireless phones near ground zero in New York! considering basestation towers were also damaged. Only God's blessed light will prevail when total darkness falls upon us. Basically we are safe and secure for as long as we keep with God!) Return to God (Part 1) 09-16-01 It has been all over the news around the globe - the horrific terrorist attack on America.

We all mourn and pray for the blessed repose of those who perished in this national catastrophe that has affected thousands of people. We also pray that the families affected may be consoled by God's true peace and comfort.

One might ask, how could this type of evil happen? Americans just got passed the healing process from the Oklahoma bombings, from some school violence amongst kids where the innocents are killed and now this.

Makes one wonder how and why could God let this evil happen? I doubt this is some punishment from God conniving with evil to bring about more terror into this world.

Like I mentioned before, God as our Creator can also be a Great Destroyer but mainly to destroy evil itself and definitely spare the innocents.

Then what evil is this evil trying to conquer anyway? Setting God aside to lord over materialism, commercialism, power and dominance in this world? Forgetting God even exists considering financial successes are at hand? Hoarding and only looking after financial, job, housing, etc. security mainly for this world and not preparing for what's in store in the afterlife? On relying mainly on another, on financial security, on luxury and comfort in this world to gain pleasure and satisfaction?

Does it have to take thousands of innocent lives to be sacrificed to wake us up and open our eyes that none of the above is important now because what we should value the most is this God-given life and to be prepared for what is in store for us when this life is taken away from us?

And of course in order to be prepared, we have to turn back to complete reliance, dependence and belief in God again.

Which is what has happened.

Now it is good that will conquer evil.

However, with the silent anger in our hearts, pretty soon another evil will be committed. Would it really be for the sake of true freedom, peace and justice by then? Or is it going to be about taking avenge towards the enemy who did the evil act? Is it worth it?

Will another evil restore the life of those who perished? Definitely not. Only more destruction will continue.

I know for sure that if those who committed the terrorism are captured and detained, it will prevent such subsequent evil again.

But a tooth for a tooth, or an eye for an eye solution will not do it. Thus, to prevent any more such evil to prevail, we should let God guide our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. With Him, we will be able to discern good vs. evil, innocent vs. guilty. Just like how (King)David spared the life of the sleeping enemy because he had the wisdom to discern what God wants him to do at that situation, may the leaders of this world look up to God for true freedom, peace and justice that they sometimes would like to take in their own hands.

Let us not take any more credit for any help that we provide for others in need. Let God be remembered as the One True Help for all of us.

Let us all be humble to offer ourselves as mere "tools", instruments for God's peace and justice. Thus, when we do help and give aid to those in need, we may not ask for anything in return. That we may sincerely give and share everything that God has given us. For God gave us the skills, the talents and it is up to us to give and share these without expecting or wanting for our own good.

Just like as a lector in my parish church - whenever I bow before God's alter to proceed to the ambo to read the Word of God, I pray "Your words, my lips". I am a mere instrument for God to use. I offer myself and everything He has given me for His very own use to bring about His goodness, love, peace and comfort to others in this world.

Just like the "soldiers" (military, fire force, paramedics, police force, doctors, etc.) who have the public duty to serve others other than themselves - that's how we should give our help to those affected by this recent disaster. These "soldiers" gave and have continued on giving, ready to sacrifice their own lives to save another.

That's True Help from God. We offer ourselves to God for His very own use to help another.

No, not how the "commanders" who just "push the button" thinking "what good is this for me and my position?"; Taking the credit for later prominence and leadership.

But to really give without thinking what good this is for one's self later. Not to ask for the temporal rewards that this world has to give which we all know can easily be destroyed just like the concrete twin buildings of the World Trade center.

Thus, the reward will come from God which makes it an eternal gift that will last forever.

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