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April 27, 2011

Hello & a Blessed Eastertide (50-day) Season to all!

Remember, Easter is not just 1 day.

We celebrate it for 40-50 days in commemoration of how Jesus
continued to walk & minister on earth after He rose from death,
going on all through out His Ascension to heaven (to sit at the
right hand of His Father), even till our Church's "birthday"
on Pentecost Day, when He sent forth the Holy Spirit down to

Here are some "goodies" to share, visit & ENJOY:


EASTERTIDE "eyecandies" are up on my 'TIS THAT SEASON website(s) at:

soon will also be on:  

  (still Lent there...)


Video animation I made about this important season, 
"Easter is Pascha - Glory Days", is on youtube at:

Also on at:


Nice Easter story, "Jeremy's Egg", that as catechists,
we've shared to our Religious Ed students is narrated on:


A big celebration in our Church this year is the Beatification
of our beloved late Pope John Paul II this Sunday, May 1, 2011,
2nd Sunday (low octave) of Easter.

This falls on 6th anniversary of his funeral in 2005.

You may visit my updated website - attribute to him 
("In Memoriam") at:

  (added links to the beatification event)

Read my story how dear & beloved & respected this pope has been,
not just to me, but to all Filipinos & the whole world, even of
different religions.

In May 2005, our whole Church, the world too, wept tears of sadness.

This time in May 2011, we are weeping tears of abundant JOY!

Our current Pope Benedict XVI is of course happiest to be the
official declarer of his beatification.

I must say, though, that even without this formal, official
declaration ceremony, I know deep in my heart that Pope JP II
has been already in heaven all along.  Even a step ahead,
already "canonized" as saint.  

So any/all our prayer intercessions to him, he can direct to God
right away.  Fast & easy because he's already there.
Thus, there are those miracles accounted for.

Afterall, that's how simple angels, Mama Mary & all saints
have interceded to Jesus, to God in heaven, for all of us.

Sure, our Church just provides this "proof"-investigation
process which takes years, even centuries.  

I think mainly for the doubtfuls, the cynics, maybe even to
mock science, especially when it can NOT explain a miracle
or scientists & medical practitioners have no choice
but to "give-up" & conclusively declare it as a real MIRACLE.


I'm planning on making a new short video on this special event
in our Church history in a week or 2.  I'm sure it will be
all over the news starting this weekend.  So I'll see what
I can do that is unique/different from the rest.

I'll let you know the and/or links
as soon as it's uploaded online.


On a different note, feel free to share to friends & love ones,
these 2 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" keyboard renditions I've made for
the occasion:

(1) "Thanks God! for Birthdays"

(2) "Thanks God! for Birthdays"


Continue to celebrate this great season.

God bless all!


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