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The wood can't keep forever
Its decay will bring the end
And the earth that which it has been planted
Would cope to a ll times' dullness

The tarpaulin has those colors bound
The pictures that the eyes foresee
But it can't insulate sun and dust
Like the fire it will lose its soul

The plantain it grows on the ground
The resemblance it matters as it rises it found
It watches the birds facing high up
Forget-me-not, it keeps standing a hope

The diary that time has written
Life that made its way through the pages
Leading the turnpike as it bumps and slides
But it won't hold stops forever

The wine, though, that runs through this brain of mine
Holds its by on the walls in my heart
Though the water drains, it pains still in glory
From the start, it has that silver engrove

- 3 September 1978


The spherical boundary of the moon
Nothing else can be found except loom
Several stars are above the light
Still runs the greatest during the night

Seeing its face, you are lucky
Looking ethereal when it is happy
Lesser light that rules the dark
High above space floating a skylark

Here comes the end of a glooming life
Greater light that rules the might
Above the firmament of the sea
Until the heavens are on its flee

- 10 October 1976


Life is that inscrutable
Feelings mustn't be immutable
Virteous are in their hearts
Sense of freedom comes like light

Reaching the zenith, that can be
Skeptical minds must be of flee
For the sun-god, RA, is always there
Until the life is not aware

Love your fellowmen in your neighborhood
Distrusts must not fool you in your moods
Feeling free is what you are
Life's that be even afar

- 10 October 1976


Try to remember, lives must be conscious
Feel joyful hearts must be luxurious
Try to remember, living life that way
Seeing it, you are to begin a day

Try to remember, feeling free those months
Amused by the youthood of your rhymes
Try to remember, love was part of ages
Imagining things you like, nothing such as wages

Try to remember, insults being defied
Happy thoughts surrounds your bide
Try to remember, remembrances were laid
Those days were perods of love, forget-it-not you paid

- 13 October 1976


I believe that there are flowers 'til dawn
And on the trees are drops of dews, then on grass
Falling through the mides of night that had flown
On the leaves of flow'rs for at last

I believe that the sun has come for life
'Til the miseries are of deified
Comes the dark amount though bright
And of confided life retired

I believe on confideants everywhere
No skeptical on the minds of men
So righteous always kept from somewhere
Where there is heart for love

I believe covetous springs upon hearts
Of every individual who is inscrutable
Never again they must be rough
Must not put themselves immutable

I believe abundance of time mustn't be of waste
Use on every external must reveal another rise
For everyday is life upon praise
Keep measuring sums for the good that not lies

I believe that man not for servants
Kinsmen are near as well defined
Just is fair on the air of each month
Let these be built on our minds

I believe that He lives in me
For us to be free and be of gleam
On our eyes, He is man that be
In our minds, He is but a dream

- 10 October 1976