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City of Angels - Los Angeles Riot


A very loud thunderclap roared across the sky was heard and seen.

The sky was of dark grey clouds but where the lightning was seen and loud thunder was heard, the sky opened and there was mix of orange, red, white to the grey boundaries of the cloud. Then unknown heavenly music followed and thousands of angels suddenly came down from heaven. As if rain, but instead of drops of water pouring down, there were thousands of angels, feet and legs alighted first as they came down in upright position. In a span of 2 miles or so, they were all coming down from the sky[1].

The looker looks on to what was happening through the blinds of the window after awakening to this loudness. Then the angels settled to what looks like a flat rooftop, the top of which could be seen by the looker through the window right across this alley about 15 feet from it.

The angels performed some ritual and dance but all in uniform gestures of their arms. Their wings were full and thick and these were adult angels. They were in simple attire, in dress above the knee and their feet in sandals. The odd thing about this was the angels were in what seems to be rag clothes. Everything seem to just look grey in that scenario and the angels' outfit and wings were that too - off-white and seemed dirty; except for the fire, lightning, red, orange, yellow, smoke in the background.

The surroundings seem to be of slums area, with dilapidated structures underneath this flat rooftop where the angels stood and danced. While the angels did the uniform performance, the sky in the background continued to show "violence" in the same rhythm as the heavenly music and the angels are doing gesticulations with their hands to this rhythm and the background as well. Then, the looker noticed that one angel got off the "performances" and came down from the roof to go somewhere. The looker sensed the angel was coming nearby. Then in an instant from looking out through the window and turning away from it to view the inside of the room where the looker was, the angel was there. The looker just noticed also that the room looked like a classroom with seats in it.

There were just the angel and the looker in it face to face. The looker also noticed that the angel's wings disappeared and the angel looked just as ordinary human but the outfit was retained. Then the angel delivered the message to the looker, "Cristina Vicente is angry!" The looker knows the name but did not understand. The looker tried to sit on one of the chairs while pounding on the desk in both confusion and anger, asking the angel, "why? why? why?" The angel, after delivering the message scurried away, out the door and into the corridor. The looker tried to follow and went after the angel but the angel disappeared amongst the many people/student who seem to be oblivious to what is going outside of the window. Then, visions of other scenes came to the looker - more slums area where what looks like humans running about and telling the neighbors, "let's go! hurry" while in part of the background smoke and remnants of some fire could be noticed but it was quiet there, unlike where the thousands of angels were, where it was loud and confusing.

In frustration, the looker turned back to merely looking again through the window and continued to watch the angels and again couldn't help but notice the bum outfit of these angels. The looker just continued this while feeling so helpless while this scene went on...

A Celebrity I Did Not Know Exists

[This dream occurred several months prior to that "infamous" event which happened.]

I was with a couple of friends and we went to this fancy restaurant with small round tables in it. Just before we were about to sit down, people in the restaurant started clapping, applauding someone who just arrived. I turned to look who it was and amazingly, I was personally introduced to this black, tall guy. I actually shook hands with the guy while people applauded him. I thought it weird because I did not recognize him at all and the big question was, why I was introduced to him and was shaking his hand too. He was with another black, but shorter guy. I figured this tall guy must be popular because people applauded upon his arrival.

After all the hoopla over what just happened, everybody just settled on their own seats, by their own dinner tables. Conveniently, my table with my friends was just next (about 5 feet away) from the popular guy and his friend's. That was nice until I started hearing their conversation. The "celebrity" started telling his friend how he wanted to murder his wife, right to the bare, gory details of the scenario. I was horrified. I was gasping at my friends making signs to them with questions "did you hear that?" It seemed like I was the only one who could hear it and was affected by it. Then I was given the vision of what he was planning to do:

I saw what looked like a sofa and then a couple of people turned it over and moved it. Then all of a sudden there was a shallow dug up ground right were the sofa was. The 2 people threw a white woman's body, wrapped in blanket into this shallow, just about 3 feet low grave.

I looked around at the other people in the restaurant to check if they heard the horrific conversation. Unfortunately, they were just minding their own life, oblivious to the celebrity's conversation with his friend. Tears started rolling down from my eyes due to extreme sadness and horror over the matter.

My friends and I finally decided to leave the restaurant, in a direction away from the celebrity's table, onto a hallway we walked.

Then, there was a sudden change of scene. In a minute I was sitted on the passenger side of a white jeep and there was a guy driving and another guy sitted at the backseat. My friends were not with me anymore. I was still crying, uttering the murder scene that I heard and saw was being planned and these two guys just kept on driving anyway. For a while, I felt the wind blowing along where the jeep drove because I saw my hair being tossled about by the wind. Then, they drove the jeep onto a local street and turned thru an alley and stopped. I felt everybody sighed some feeling of "okey, this is the end of it".

I was then confused, still crying, and I sort of scurried away from these two guys. I mean, "what was I doing with them in the first place?", I asked myself. They did not listen to what I was telling them anyway. So, I went out of the jeep, left them, walked on the sidewalk for what seemed like yards and yards, along the street, still crying, and all confused.

Then, at a corner turn, I saw a church, almost like a cathedral. I entered it to seek some relief, comfort and abode, away from all horrors, to pray in all the confusion of what just happened, with tears still flowing down my face, almost welling-up my eyes.

As if to add even more to my dismay, when I looked up to the altar, I saw the priest confecting what looked like bloody flesh right on the altar table. He even raised up, as in consecration, the whole bloody thing. Due to the murder scene and upon seeing more bloody flesh right there, I just could not handle it anymore and I really broke down right there...Wild questions came up to mind...Something going on in our Church too?, I asked in my mind. What is that abomination at the altar I saw? It did not seem right and the priest did not look right either... I think I even went out of the church, to run away from that scene too...then I just continued crying with all such questions that went on in my mind...

MJ & Da Bulls

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My Signature


June 6, 1993
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his royal ugliness

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Dinosaurs' Extinction

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"The Threshold of Hope" - Pope JP II


August 1993
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His Cloud

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

July 11, 1993


I and my 9-year-old niece were having fun in this house which looked dark because it was being rebuilt. We walked around the place while my niece showed me one room after another, trying to impress me and showing off her new room.

In another area in the house, I saw my sister doing some chores and talking with her husband and another daughter. They talked about going to a Philippine province, Pampanga, and that they were going there on a Saturday.

Then I and my niece proceeded outside to a certain roofed patio/deck where there were some couples of friends and relatives around and there was a table with benches where they sat on, having a snack of a filipino delicacy while they seem to be preparing some more. For a while (~5 minutes), I chatted and ate with them.

It was daylight, close to midday and the sky was bright and the weather breezy and warm.

Then I stood up and looked around the area. My eyes caught something across the yard where the sun was bright and its shine prominent.

By now, others also stood up and went about with other things they needed to do. They were indifferent of the happenings thereafter and I was simply left by myself.

The yard appeared to be a vast dry, grass and mostly bare field. My sight wandered further across the ground. (It was almost like a desert.)


About 40 feet from where I stood (from the patio), I saw a priest. He was staring back at me and he made gesticulations to me as if summoning me to come, to look and to observe something [1].

I did not physically go nearer. My sight zoomed-in closer to him to about 6 feet away. My focus to him got fixed from his hips upward so it was almost a half-upper-body observation. He was in black cassock with the familiar "Roman collar". He looked old and sluggish. He had gray, longish, undone hair of about chin length. He had that look of seriousness, sadness and gloom in his face[2].

He pointed me to a building behind him which I did not notice right away since I was focused on looking only at him.

At this distance of about 6 feet, I only first saw the lower part of the building, which was the same level as my vision of the priest.


Now focus went to this building. This lower part was unpainted, simply gray raw cement, and looked old and unmaintained. My view went to about 3 feet from this part of the building, and roamed around its sides. I saw old windows and a door. The building looked dilapidated and dirty. It looked abandoned and empty [3].

Weird enough, when my gaze went upward of this building (I am sure it was still the same building because there was only 1 building in my dream), it looked new and modern. The building was not too high. Just about 2-3 storeys in height.

The upper part of the building looked good, almost like a modern architectured house. It had white walls, modern squarish windows with fancy and decorative steel bars covering it, even tiled rooftop [4].

All the while my vision of the building was from the front.

My gaze went further up near the roof towards the rightmost side and now my vision went at an angle on this side.

I saw these uniform, decorative, fancy looking extensions from the wall. It seems to me they were "plant hangers" though there were no plants hanging from them. I don't remember exactly how many there were but there were at least 3-5 of these extensions from the wall.

The "hangers" were dark colored, in contrast to the white painted walls. The material appears to be of dark wood and I thought they were there for decorative-effect. They were about 8-12 inches in length but were about 4 inches in height and width [5]. Above these "plant hangers", there were garbled text and characters I couldn't comprehend so I don't remember exactly what they were.

My vision zoomed-in closer and locked in to the rightmost part of the building, upfront again and some of these characters were the Roman numbers "XVIII"(?very vague memory!) or a combination of these seem to stick to mind as to the ones on this rightmost part.

Then my vision went up and above passed the level of the roof of the building, up to the sky.


I saw beautiful cirrus/semi-cumulus clouds in the sky. They were fluffy small clouds. At first, the sky was bright and normal looking and these clouds were still. (~1.5 seconds) [6] Then the light blue sky turned darkish navy blue but still bright. The cirrus clouds then moved very fast (~30 mph) in one direction from the horizon forward, towards west and passed the sky above me, right directly over my head, until all of them were gone, leaving just clear blue sky. The clouds were white but their edges were darkish blue that they were prominent in contrast to the sky. Then a vacant sky was left for about 3 seconds. All my sight also got focused to the sky that I lost vision of the building[7]. Then a big cloud started to form in this darkish blue sky. It was disk-like, grayish and very well distinctively by itself becoming a huge, full cumulus cloud. It started off like a big smokey build-up and then it became very huge and thick. It almost covered up the whole part of the sky which I was viewing. That's how big it was[8]. My angle of view of the sky was about 45 degrees above the ground from the patio.

I believe the direction from where I was viewing all these was east (my sister's small patio faces east) since that was were the sun was brightly shining from in this close to midday part of the day.

At the cloud's fullest form it moved briskly from east to north.

My vision panned to the right. For a brief moment, I felt I was in the cloud's position above, which looked on its right to see a long span of hills below, before it crossed them [9].

Thereon, my sight followed the cloud so I know I was also physically turning around from east to north while in the patio. It went in the direction straight ahead away from in front of me, to go east, then north, then west in sort of a U-shape path as it traversed some land surrounded by many hills, almost like range of 7 or so mountains/hills.

The cloud went around all of these, traversing its almost rectangular perimeter as it tried to avoid the whole area, as if to show them all to me, demonstrating that they exist and are right there for me to absorb in my limited mind. I could not avoid their existence since my sight of the cloud got camouflaged by them from time to time while my gaze followed its movement.

While it moved, it shooted out lightning and sparks.

And finally, upon settling above a flat land on the northwest, it swirled within itself and shooted more fire and lightning at all angles. My sight of it was approximately 1 mile from the patio where I was. It still appeared very huge from this distance but I could see the whole of it and the surroundings around it. That was when it was "infused" to me that it was Him. God was that Cloud basically. Ever since it formed, I felt this "oozing and overwhelming feeling". When it finally settled over Northwest spot the feeling became more overwhelming and ecstatic. A powerful force pulled me down on my knees and an overwhelming feeling went all over me I could not stop my stare at It. Tears flowed from my eyes, welled-up my eyes, and I had no control over my utterances. Part of my utternances was, "Oh, oh....He's here! HE'S HERE! Praise to the Lord, for He is here!" [10](Note the arrow directions.)



1. My sister's house here in Illinios started getting rebuilt in the last week of August 1993. I did not know about their plans on this before or during my dream or even long after it.

I went alone on vacation to the Philippines in September, 1993 When I came back, my niece, gave me a tour of the on-going construction of their house; from one room to another; telling me what was going on here and there.

On the first year anniversary of this dream, I saw His cloud again while wide awake. See "His Cloud - 1st anniversary".

2. AT that time, I didn't know they had plans on going on vacation to the Philippines but this was delayed because of the rebuilding of their house. But, definitely, whenever, they would be going to Pampanga since that is her husband's hometown.

That has also already been fulfilled. They went on vacation in 1995 after the rebuild of their house.

All those parts of my dream completed.

3. I think and believe the building is our Roman Catholic Church. And that the showing of the building from being old at the bottom to being new and modern on top, provides perspective on the secular, worldly factors that have affected the Church today. They cause her to be persecuted while some schismatic groups (leftists) from within tries to make her more modern and secular, to conform to their worldly advocacies, overhauling her, ie. desecration of the Eucharist, women ordination, contraception, homosexuality, abortion, secularism, and the many other corruptions that are affecting the Church today (the "Signs of the Times"). The Church is not only attacked from the outside by Protestants but also from within her by these leftists who advocate these "overhaul". As a result, they have caused destruction, chaos, confusion, persecution of the faithful, and also tribulations as well as some aspects of the forewarned "desolating abomination" prior to the Coming of the Son of Man in Full Glory(Matthew 24:4-30). Notice the "HORN-like" plant hangers near the top of the modern building? I think they signify that "desolating abomination" (see also Daniel 8-9) the modernism and the secularism concerns of the Church today, amongst the people who dissent from her teachings, as they intend to destroy our Church.

I also think that the priest was there to give me warning so I, on my part, can be able to EXPOSE all such "Signs of the Times" and refute, rebuke them while "protecting" and defending the Church against them. I have been doing these on the internet for the past 3 1/2 years or so now.

Moreover, with the sequencing of events in this dream - the old dilapidated building to the new and modern building which was shown to me - these show "tribulation and persecution of the faithful and our Church's Sacred Tradition"; these are the "Signs of the Times", including the desolating abomination, which I think the Church has to go through, as the priest wanted to demonstrate to me. And then, after and beyond all of them, after the cirrus clouds up in the sky (which someone pointed out to me before to be angels doing the "harvest"), when all these are over and the "sky is clear", our Lord will come again, on His Cloud, in full blast and loud glory (the bright lightning and thunder bolts emitted by His moving Cloud), and He will establish His "New Zion/New Church". This is what His Cloud demonstrated when it traversed all of the surrounding mountains where in the middle of them was some sort of city. And all of us will bow down and honor Him when we all realized too that "He is really here again!!!"

4. In a sequel to this dream, in the first quarter of 1994, my angel told me to not look for these actual physical signs in the sky regarding this dream even though I was fortunately given them like a very special gift. Rather I should look for the "Signs of the Times" so God's people can be warned against them, in order to avoid them and at the same time expose the errors and corruption which they cause to our Church. That's because they all have to come first before the wonder of His New Church and His Full Glory upon us.

5. I tell you the truth, that when I dreamt about all these before, I did not have any of these knowledge about Daniels, about tribulation or any of the Signs of the Times whatsoever. But now, after careful reflection and study of them in the Word of God, now I realize, there's nothing new here - these have all been forewarned to us even before, so the faithful can be prepared. It has just been "infused" to me in the dream long before I factually learned about them. I guess that way, I'd really go out of my way to understand and study them and thereon it took me years to understand what that dream of mine was all about. Now I know better and so now I deliver the message in order to again "REMIND" others that whether we like it or not, our Church will go through all these before Christ comes back again in full glory. The main point of the reminder is to really recognize these "Signs of the Times" upon us because they are indeed here and upon us. No, not "signs in the sky" and such meteorological awaiting. But definitely The Signs of the Times. That way we can probably do what we can to warn others as well and to open up their eyes so they too can avoid the "desolating abomination" as to not fall victim of it.

Compiled: June 6, 1994 - July 13, 1997

His Cloud (1st Anniversary)

1. 2. 3.

While driving to work that anniversary day on July 11, 1994, I was accompanied by His Cloud...

From the southwest where I used to live to northward along I-355, exactly on that day, I saw for once, for all, and never again, this very long, very wide, carpet-like, horizontal column-like cloud [1] that was the only one in the clear blue sky during that 18-mile early morning commute. It curved and turned as how my driving path was about, starting from my home, all the way to where I work. And above the very parking lot where my drive stopped, His long horizontal column of a cloud ended as well[2], as if honing over me, watching over me, reminding me of the obligation I've been tasked[3]. I'll never forgot my dream about His Cloud especially with this reminder of Him right on its 1st anniversary date. I pray that I continue doing His will...

The City of God?


August 25, 1993
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