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(1)"Sola Scriptura" Lame Argument (10/7/98)

It finally happened! I was wondering when it was going to come up but it finally did yesterday (10/6/98).

With the articles I have written which I have sent out to a few e-mailing lists and private lists, someone "hooked" on "Sola Scriptura" (Scripture alone) brought up what we already know would be brought up to persecute the Catholic Church and our practises - with the usual lame argument of "Where is it stated in the Bible that this happened or we should do this or that?" (ie. praying the rosary, making the sign of the cross, veneration of saints, angels, Mary, purgatory, etc., given some of the few of the many issues I have tackled before).

Well, the full life of Jesus Christ our Lord on earth is barely stated in the Bible but does that mean it never occurred? That Jesus Christ jumped from being a baby, then being a 12-year-old, and then right away to 30 years towards the completion of His ~33 years prior to His Crucifixion? Of course not. Our Divine Lord, "became flesh (Incarnation of Christ in Mary's womb) and dwelt amongst us", exactly going through the full human natural cycle of growing to be an adult, just as you and I did. Yet, the full story is not given in Scripture but that does not mean it did not happen that way even though it actually did.

What about abortion? What about living-in together? What about cloning? What about same-gender marriages? What about drug addiction? What about Just War? What about Death Penalty? Etc.

Shouldn't the Catholic Church tackle these many issues that are outside the scope of the Bible? when these are things that the people of God have to deal with then, now and in these modern times.

And indeed the Catholic Church has dealt with them head-on, facing such reality in order to make sure God's people are constantly aware of "dangers" and "immoralities" which they must avoid and so they will not falter from God's will, way and command.

That's not adding to the Word or the Truth!

The Truth from God Almighty has always been there and it is infinite! Thus, no amount of words in Scripture can contain all of the Truth. Because there is Life to Live and people of all generations to guide towards God's way. There is God's way to apply in our daily life's moral practices thus Truth comes "alive" in us which shows we are living God's will and command.

O and bible fundamentalists would accuse the Church that such and such "devotions", such pious practices are unnecessary and are just "man-made", just because they don't see it in the Bible. Really, if they only stop and think deeply and well so they can see enlightenment from the Holy Spirit and be moved by Him to "do" and "apply" God's will and way in our daily life, all of which can not be contained in the Bible.

Then, if you use bible fundamentalists' own lame argument to asked them, "where is it stated in the Bible that the Bible is the only source of Truth?" (sola scriptura argument), they can not answer because they will not find any specific, implicit, or explicit statement that "only the Bible" is the source of all Truth. So there's the "dead end" for their sola scriptura fallible argument showing it is not from God because it is easily toppled (read Acts on Gamaliel's prophecy - "...if it is from God you can not destroy it..." - about the early Church).

They even contradict themselves because even though they depend solely on the Bible as sole source of Truth, a lot of times, they turn around from it by actually ignoring, even rejecting parts of the Word of God, much more continue practising the virtues, sacraments, fasting, and abstinence and other moral practises, which are evidence/proof that the Catholic Church is from God because she has not ceased or stopped doing what she always did in following and obeying Christ's Way. As Gamaliel (from the Word of God) prophecised of the early Church, "...if it is from God, you can not destroy it...if you go against it, then you go against God Himself..."

All these Catholic Church practises from the early Church still go on and on and on and thus proving our Church is from God because Sacred Tradition has not stopped! (except with those people who have been deluded by satan to, of course stop, and go against God-established Sacred Tradition's moral and virtueous practices).

Sticking only on 2-dimensional words on the pages of the Book and stopping there, a lot of times even only doing "Cafeteria Scriptura" by only picking one-liners they like, bible fundamentalists disregard the rest of the full context of the Truth. Thus, not looking at all sides, angles, perspectives, or the full story of the issue at hand.

And so you see how their advocacies meet the end, ie:

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(Conclusion)"Sola Scriptura" Lame Argument

Catholic Church practices, originating from Christ in following Christ, passed on to the early Church, then one generation after generation in the Church, practiced through her Sacred Tradition, revealing the application of the Good News and the Truth from God, can not all be contained in Scripture yet they are indeed parts of the Truth given to her by God, inspired to her by the Holy Spirit proving again and again that she is from God because it shows! It shows very well in her application of God's Truth in real life, in how we live a moral life obeying God's will, way and commandments.

Next time they question your practice with where is stated in the Bible to do this or that, or, why do we do this or that, or is it obedience of God's commandment to do this or that (see other article on "Lame Excuse To Not Do Work by Sola Fide Advocates"), etc., ie. praying the rosary, or going to Holy Mass to receive the Body of Christ, ask them back these questions for their contemplation:

Many Catholic practices multiplying our faith in God as it shows to others that others would want to join us together and be in One Body, One Faith, One Whole Community living the Way, Will, Life of Christ.

This shows the Church goes on and on and she is from God because the faith of the Catholic Church did not stop at the death of Christ, or at the death of the last of the 12 Apostles. The Church continued ordaining priests, ordaining bishops (apostles) to take care of God's people from one generation to the next.

And one thing that Bible Fundamentalists should take very good note from their adored-Bible, let's not forget "papacy" which is in the Bible - given to St. Peter, by himself so we must continue to listen to the popes because they are the vicar of Christ to whom Christ said:

"You are the rock and upon this rock I will build my Church... I give you the keys to My Church so the gates of hell will not prevail in her...whatever you bind on earth will be binded in heaven, whatever you unbind on earth will be unbinded in heaven..."
See how Christ covered both "earth and heaven" in that directive to the first pope? That means even angels and saints in heaven must listen to the pope's directive to the whole Church (both heaven and earth combined).

O but Bible Fundamentalists ignores such and such insights from their adored-Bible. Thus, they really contradict themselves by themselves, whenever they insists on Bible-only-source, because not everything in the Bible they follow, or obey, much more nowhere is it stated that only the Bible is the source of Truth.

Thus, it is best for those who have encountered Bible Fundamentalists to re-think their position now about forgetting or ignoring Catholic faith Church practices because then, that would just be making a lame excuse "to not do work" producing fruits of our faith; our works which are what God judges whether for the person to go to heaven or hell.

And Jesus Christ specifically says "work on it" in all places He say "obey My Father's will" because "obedience" entails "work" on our part.

Otherwise, as St. James wisely summed up - "faith without works is dead".

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(1)"Sola Fide" Lame Excuse To Not Work

Someone retorted that some Catholics do such pious devotions and practices without really understanding or knowing what it is all about, what it means to God, or would God really want us to do this or that anyway in fulfillment of His commandment. Then they would wrongly conclude, these are just man-made then, especially when they don't see it in Scripture.

Really, it is easy to re-phrase such question and even mockery of Catholic practices to actually be a lazy excuse to not do work, do our job in serving God and offering such acts to show our love to Him.

Such mockery by Bible Fundamentalists (that's why they have stopped practicing a lot of things given in Scripture itself!), shows shallow fruitless faith because their take on the Good News is lifeless and mostly contained in talk, talk, talk, in mere 2-D words but they lack the practice of what they preach.

So much for the examples of Christ, ie. 40-days of fasting in the desert as followed by the Catholic Church during Lent. Or the many parables given by Christ where the people involved who worked are those of whom their Master was pleased while those who did not do their job (ie. in the parable of mina where someone did not invest the money) were rendered to be useless and so were thrown out.

These are "works" which produce "fruits" and Bible Fundamentalists should know better from their adored-Bible, if they only take very good note of all of it, that Christ warned that "...any tree that does not bear good fruits will be cut down and thrown into the fire. You will know them by their fruits..." (read Matthew 7)

And so I say to the lame excuse by Bible Fundamentalist and Sola Fide (fruitless faith alone) advocates to not do "works", thus, mocking Catholic practices:

Some Catholics may not know all of what is written in Scripture. But from the Sacred Tradition of the Church, virtueous practices in following Christ's Way and Will, are passed on from one generation to the next, generation after generation...on and on and on and this is how Catholics know! Not from mere 2-D lifeless words on the pages of the Book but rather in actual example, from Christ, from His early Church, from saints and prophets, guided by the Holy Mother Church, these practices and application of the Good News, of the Truth, in obedience of God's will continue on and on.

No, these are not man-made!!! They are fruits and proof that Christ continues to live in Catholics because Catholics continue on being devoted to God, doing pious and virtueous deeds and they show!!!

And looking for a "rationale" on why we should do this or that is like looking for a loophole and an excuse for laziness in order to not do the job!

It's like asking saints and prophets, why did you pray daily in the temple or church, devotedly doing it?

It's like asking Jesus Christ why did you do what you did on the Cross and die for us?

It's like asking a mother, why do you have to take care of your baby?

It's like asking those workers in Christ-told parables (parable of the talents, parable of the mina, parable of the 10 virgins,etc.), why did they do the work they had to do?

Should there be a reason for you to do it?

When there can be no other reason but "love", to offer them all up to God, to love Him "with all our heart, mind, body and soul" as in obedience to the first and greatest commandment.

Such mockery by non-Catholics even boils down to the fact that they ask such question because again they just want to make sure they get something in return as: "would doing this give me credit where credit is due?"

Whatever happened to selflessness? Whatever happened to innocence and simple sacrifices and offerings to God regardless of what good it is to us? Whatever happened to doing it without expecting anything in return?

Bible fundamentalists themselves basically do not have any right, or not in any position whatsoever, to argue Catholic teachings because they too do not have the foggiest why the Catholic Church has done what she has done in following the Way, Will, Light and Life of Jesus Christ - not just in "words" but in actual "practice" and "showing" God's people to following Christ's will and way in daily life.

And what makes you think that just because someone may be overly "pious" (ie. In Quiapo Church, walking on your knees towards the altar, towards the "Nazarene Jesus'" remembrance image, praying to Our Lord) that means this person is so ignorant of what God wants for him/her to do? Or that he/she does not have to do such?

What do you know of what in the person's heart while he/she is doing such practices? Only God can judge the sincerity in someone's heart if they truly offer such little "sacrifices" to Him for their love for Him without expecting anything in return and not that "I'm just doing this because I want to receive something in return" (which is basic lame rationale by sola fide advocates to do or not to do the job - will I be saved?).

Why make excuse to not do such "works" anymore when it is specifically stated in the "adored" Bible by Bible Fundamentalists that "faith without works is dead" (read James).

Such "piety", such offerings and practices are "fruits" of our faith in God. As Gamaliel (read Acts) said about the early Church, "...if this is from God, you can not destroy it..."

And such fruits of the Catholic Church's faith in our Lord Jesus Christ never ceases, as it shows in her practices and so proving that this Church is indeed God's!

Bible Fundamentalists have stopped a lot of such Christ-given directives to give an excuse to "not work"; forgetting many directives by Christ "to-dos" for us. Ie. Receive Holy Communion, the Eucharist, the Real Body and Blood of Christ, to inherit eternal life.

God sees our works and they are judged by Him to declare who goes to hell or who goes to heaven (read Matthew 25).

When has praying stopped to be virtueous gesture? When has piety stopped to be a virtue we must uphold, that is good for our soul? When has offering sacrifices, devotions, showing in practise of kneeling, fasting, abstinences, etc. stopped?

Just because some have been "frozen" on the pages of the Book does not mean, life stopped as well - that the Church should not continue doing all parts of the Truth that can not be contained in Scripture.

So again, Bible Fundamentalists are nowhere in any position to bash and persecute Catholic Church practices just because they don't want to do any works, (and so their faith is dead!) by such blessed rituals and practices. God's holy, blessed ways shows thru us in such practices.

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(Conclusion)"Sola Fide" Lame Excuse To Not Work

More and more the errors in the "sola fide" (faith alone) argument by Bible Fundamentalists have been exposed too after taking into account of the errors of their "sola scriptura" argument.

To summarize the errors of the lame argument on "sola scriptura" (scripture alone as source of Truth):

Firstly, one error of "sola scriptura" argument of looking only in the Bible as the single source of Truth is, if you ask them where is it stated in their adored-Bible that "Scripture is the only source of Truth" they are stuck and dumbfounded for nowhere implicitly or explicitly stated in the Bible that this is so.

Secondly, another error by Bible Fundamentalists is being stuck merely in cold, lifeless, 2-D words; pick and choose one-liners that they prefer to like from Scripture; "cafeteria scriptura" of I-only-want-to-take-what-Paul-said-but-not-what-James-said, thus leaving the full context of the Word of God and dismantling the Truth into separate bits and pieces. And so, they can never put 2 and 2 together from the Truth, that they are clueless why Catholics do the "Sign of the Cross" when it is a practice derived specifically from Scripture and application of God's will and way (ie. Redeeming grace from Christ's Cross, baptism in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, renewing our baptismal vow and God blessing us everytime we make the "Sign of the Cross".)

Thirdly, together with the "pick-and-choose-only-what-we-want -but-ignore-the-rest" cafeteria scriptura doings by Bible Fundamentalists, thus engaging mainly only on personal (mis)interpretation of Scripture, they render whatever Truth they want to take from Scripture to be fallible and even subjective and heretical. Because then an issue varies from one person to the next such that it may be true to one but false to another which is not at all the case when it comes to the real, full, unadulterated Divine Truth from God which is absolute and consistent at all sides and angles no matter how one looks at it. That is not the case with personal interpretations of Scripture by Bible Fundamentalists. Thus, showing the unreliability and fallibility of their personal interpretations which we can not depend upon.

Forthly, because Bible Fundamentalists pick and choose only parts they like from Scripture while leaving out the rest, they have missed a lot of the Good News given in it, including the fact that they could not be reading anything in it if there was no "life and Sacred Tradition of the Church" first established by Christ Who literally lived and walked this earth together with the Early Church. No life, no sacred tradition, no practices, no virtues, no specific examples by Christ to follow, etc. then nothing to write and nothing for them to read. And even though writings have stopped for the New Covenant's context, this breathing, living, life-story of Christ's Church continues on and on and on an on because as Gamaliel prophecized about the True Church, "...if it is from God you can not destroy it ...and if you go against it, you go against God Himself..."

And so, the Catholic Church continues to live the life that Christ wants for us to live and practice, a lot of which can not all be contained in the pages of the Book.

Yet, we can know that the Catholic Church is God's indeed because God's people continue to practice the virtues and righteous life that Christ directed in obedience to His Father's Will.

Moreover, by the errors of Bible Fundamentalists' "sola scriptura" lame argument, it is revealed to us and it becomes more and more obvious that the bottom line reason they prefer doing personal, variable, subjective, case-to-case unreliable interpretations of the Word of God, picking only what they want is mainly so they can have a lame excuse to "not work" and do virtueous practices as Catholics do (read the parables given by Christ where people worked to please their Master) thus they do not produce "fruits" which are proofs of our faith and obedience of God.

Thus, they would ridicule this or that Catholic practices arguing their lame argument of "where is that in Scripture?" or even "would God want us to do that?"

Can you imagine a lazy servant tricking his/her master in one of Christ's parables with the lame argument, "My master will not know I did not do the work because he would not care if I don't do it."

Well, ask Jesus Christ why He even bothered telling the many parables where in the stories, people did the job they had to do and so their Master was pleased with them!

To the Bible Fundamentalists, it would be like Christ talking to the wall because they would not get why, as followers of Christ, Catholics are continuing to do pious and virtueous practices in the Church, when this are all "fruits" of our faith in obeying Christ's Way, Will and Life.

Take for example our 40-days Lenten fasting and abstinence practices. Bible Fundamentalists would disregard that out of laziness, cluelessness and mockery of Catholic practices when they forget that Jesus Christ Our Lord exactly did fast in the desert for 40 days.

And they would insist Christ is the Way, Will, Life but do they follow Him and His Way? Obviously not by lacking in such Lenten practices, sacrifices, offerings, etc.

And so, should Catholics stop having devotions to God? praying the rosary? On the Mother of God, continuing "...all generations shall call me blessed..." practices? Should Catholics stop making the Sign of the Cross? Should Catholics stop doing fasting and abstinence? All of which are Scripture, much more proving that Christ's Church continues on and on and on and she can not be destroyed and so she is from God indeed!

These are "works" showing "fruits of our faith in God" and showing we are God's. Otherwise, if Bible Fundamentalists really take note from their adored-Bible in Matthew 7 and 25 that Christ warned people, "...every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. So by their fruits you will know them..."

And God definitely judges us by our "deeds" (works, fruits, results). Either you do good and so you enter heaven, or you do not do anything or just do bad, then you go to hell. Read Matthew 25 and Revelation 20:13, "...all the dead were judged according to their deeds..."

See that?

And let's not forget "obedience" or "...obey My Father's will..." which is again "work" because "to obey" entails action/work on our part.

And so when Bible Fundamentalists question such Catholic pious practices as "praying the rosary", "walking on one's knees towards the altar", having devotions, doing novenas, making the Sign of the Cross, receiving Communion, going to Confession, receiving the plenty other sacraments from God, they are better off getting on their feet to follow suit.

Saints and prophets do these acts all over Scripture but because Bible Fundamentalists make such lame excuse of "sola fide" (faith alone can save me), they forget the rest of Christ's parables, directives, commandments to obey God's will in offering up prayers, sacrifices, devotions, and other obediences to His will, our Master's will!

And so they do not bear fruits. And so their "works" meet their deadend on the pages of the books because they lack "practice" of putting the Word of God into real, living, breathing life!

Deeds. Fruits. Obey. Do good. Not just say, "Lord, Lord".

Putting 2 and 2 for full contextual take of the Word of God and so as St. James wisely summed up from all of Christ's directives, "...faith without works is dead..."

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