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Due to the increasing popularity of writing stories about Ratliff's stories, here's a special page just for them.
An Ode to Ratliff , by Ikaros
A musical MST salute to everyone's favorite Net author 
Where No Fanfic Has Gone Before , by Loren Haarsma
A fanfictional send-up of Star Trek in general and Ratliff in particular. Well-written and hilarious. 
Dark Marrissa #1: The Master Builders , by Adam Cadre
A disturbing (but funny) off-shoot of Ratliff's stories. After Clara leaves the Enterprise for a happier life on a fledgling colony, Marrissa begins to exhibit god-like powers and signs of complete insanity. The survivors of a peaceful planet she has eradicated identify her as one of their gods -- Manat, the Destroyer. Soon she becomes empress of the galaxy, kills all who stand in her way, and begins construction of a tower to complete her journey to godhood -- and it's up to Clara to stop her. 
A Psychoanalysis of Marrissa, by Jessica Wolfman 
A scholarly discussion of Marrissa's manic episodes, newly-updated. 
Stephen Ratliff Expansion Set for ST:CCG, by Dave Hines 
An outline for a Ratliff Expansion of Star Trek: the Customizable Card Game, from Dave's web site. 
Drawings of  Marrissa and crew, by Timothy McLees 
A whole lot of anime-style drawings of  our favorite Kids' Crew heroes. From Tim's web site, specifically, here
Star Trek Infinity: Traveling in Time Speeder, by Charles Rando 
A fanfictional crossover purporting to do for "Time Speeder" what DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations" did for "The Trouble With Tribbles." The crew of the USS Infinity is sucked into Marrissa's universe and linked with its characters, and they must find a way to escape. If you can get past the captain's (and the author's) name without making any Amazing Rando riffs, you'll find some clever jokes in here. 
Borged to Death!, by Roger M. Wilcox 
A hilarious spoof of both Trek and Marrissa in screenplay format. It's the Federation's last stand against the Borg, and only The Weapon can save them. (And if you can't figure out what The Weapon is before you read the story, you haven't been paying attention.) 
A Method for Marrissa, by Matthew Blackwell 
Crow goes a little wiggy and builds a Crossover Machine, causing the Ratliverse to cross over with MST3000, Die Hard, and Doom, among others. 
History Repeating, by "Pete Plum", aka Bart Fargo 
Fifteen years in the future, Marrissa's daughter, Sara, decides to take over as the galaxy's most notorious intergalactic despot, and it's up to Marrissa must come out of retirement to stop her.  Several members of RATMM show up in cameo roles. 
Digital Empire, by  "Pete Plum", aka Bart Fargo 
In this sequel to "History Repeating", Marrissa's dead. Life goes on as usual  in Starfleet, at least until the zombies show up. Oh, and something takes control of the Enterprise. So, actually, it is a normal day for Starfleet. 
Thank You For the Music, Kids' Crew Style, by Roger M. Wilcox 
Roger Wilcox, in an almost Ratliffian plot development, gives us this tale where, in the 24th century, Elvis impersonators are passe. Nope, instead those wacky kids go crazy for the musical stylings of ABBA. And the Kid's Crew sings ABBA tunes. In fact, you might say they're the original A*Teens. If they hadn't been born 400 years later, of course. 
Hi-Q, by Bart Fargo 
A Marrissa story in less than 100 words. 
Mharrissa, Author unknown 
In this alternate tale of Marrissa, she's apparently a sex-crazed half-elf. Hey, I just archive these, folks. 
Marrissa Pays off Karma
Marrissa and her friends travel to another dimension and are captured by the residents. It's a charming place with sex slaves and carnivous candy canes and stuff. And, no, it's not a Gor crossover... 
A Break From Boredom , by Aris Merquoni 
Han Solo and a character we've never seen before decide to grab some other pilots and blow up Marrissa. 
Spoof Trek, by Aris Merquoni 
Marrissa wanders onto the "real" Enterprise. They're not very amused. 
The Marrissa Round Robin, by Multiple Authors 
During a down time on the dibs list, several mistings authors got together to write a round robin detailing what would happen if  Mike and the bots got trapped in the Marrissa-verse. Technically, this story is still ongoing. If you wish to contribute, email me at mblackwl@ix.netcom.com 
The Stephen Ratliff Drinking Game, by Todd Pence 
Although many might say the reading the Marrissa series will drive you to drink, just in case it hasn't, well, this game should supply you with all the reasons you need to imbibe sweet, sweet booze. This piece brought to you by the Booze Council. Booze! Do we really need to say more? 
The Ratliff Conspiracy Theory, by Kassi Pittman 
Wow. Several interesting theories on Stephen's true identity are advanced in this interesting piece. Still, no one's claimed he's John Gault yet. That's a good sign, huh? 
Modern Major Overlord by Rottweiller 
A long forgotten tribute to Marrissa where a Gilbert and Sullivan tune 
is mercilessly used as the basis for a song celebrating Marrissa's glory. 
A Loss of Voice by Rob Morris
In a crossover between the Big M and the "Starting Over" universe (which I won't even attempt to explain here) Marrissa receives some bad news.
Ghost Planet Theater by Joseph Nebus
A re-enactment of a scene from "All the King's Horses" using the cast of Space Ghost. Written in celebration of Ratliff's birthday.
Mistings of Tributes 
It was only a matter of time before some of the Ratliff inspired pieces were themselves misted. 
Lines-As-Q, by David Hines 
Winner of an Iridium RAM Chip (Best of the Worst Character), 1999
Q sends David Hines off to Marrissa's starship.  He decides to wrestle. Oddly enough, this one's riffed by wrestlers too. Misted by Alicia Ashby and Matt Linkous
Out of Time, by David Hines
Winner of a Golden Hamdinger (Best Riff) and One Iridium RAM Chip (Best of the Wost Plot), 2000
The sequel to Lines-As-Q. David continues his wacky run across the Marrissa-verse and takes a stop over at Deep Space 9. Familiar characters (very familiar characters) guest star. Misted by Bill Livingston, Matt Blackwell, Douglas Gale and TV's Francis.
Lines-As-Q Part 2, By David Hines
Megane 6.7 riffs the continuation of David Hines' (the other one) adventures in the Marrissaverse.
Guest Appearances 
And Mr. Ratliff has now begun to appear as a guest star in other people's mistings. Soon, he'll be as popular as Dian Bachar. 
Disguised Love
Stephen Ratliff hijacks a bus full of misties and forces them to read a Sailor Moon story which involves ice skating.. You know, sometimes the misting plot reads better than the actual story does... Misted by Richard Yocum and edited by Matt Blackwell
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"Portrait of Marrissa" courtesy of Bart Fargo

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