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Update: 4/26/2005:   Look! A site redesign! Three "new" Marrissa Mistings"A Grand Slam Misting", "Better than A Best Friend" and "A Marrissa Twofer"

Mistings of the Moment: 5/13/2005


"Star Wars Episode III: Fall of the Republic"


"Broken Bow"

A two-fer update from the archives! First up, to celebrate the release of  Star Wars: Episode III, we present a different Episode III. This one was written 22 years ago, and is juuuust a tad off on the details. On the bright side though - no Jar-Jar. Or KFC tie-ins.

Also, since "Star Trek: Enterprise" is leaving the air, we're taking this opportunity to re-prsent the misting of the pilot episode. Jar-Jar isn't in this one either.

Misting of the Moment: 4/29/2005


Faans! Issue #1

 Waaaay, back in 1999, the writer of a brand new comic book came wandering by the MST3k newsgroups, asking for volunteers to riff his new comic, presumably to give it some publicity. Well, I foolishly volunteered to riff it. Well, the comic became a web comic, which then wandered over to Graphic Smash, then Walky showed up... Six years later, the strip is coming to a close, and as a minor tribute, I've brought back the misting of the very first issue of the book. (Fans fans, it's all in text though. Sorry.) enjoy, and try not to wince at the medicore riffing!

   Older Stuff: (Note: Many of these links no longer lead to the right place.)

Fixed some dead links and added an special, topical misting to the front page.
Site Redesign! And "Royal and Prime Directives" added.
"A Little Earlier", from Stephen Ratliff. It's a Ranma 1/2 piece, which means it has something to do with animated martial artists, or really cheap noodles. One of the two. And corrected some links.
"Broken Bow", detailing the first adventure of the Enterprise, is posted.
"Spiderman" doing whatever a spider can. It's the movie, but not really.
A misting removed, per the author's request. No, I won't tell you which one. Nyah. And some minor tweaks too.
"Sink the Bismark" somehow snuck by me, but it's here now.
Peter Guerin is back with "Triumph of the Retart".  And Ratliff's "The Field Trip" is written, again, and misted, again, this time by Anthony Bault.
Thomas D. Keeler's Marrissa story "Before the Dawn" is finally finished and posted.
...and a misting taken down after I realize that it's not one of Ratliff's Ranma 1/2 stories...
Two Ratliff mistings by Megane 6.7. "A Little Change of Plans" fetaures Ratliff writing about the characters of Ranma 1/2, while "Lines-As-Q Pt. 2" continues the adventures of Dave Hines in the Marrissaverse.
In honor of the finale of "Voyager",  check out this classic misting "New Cast Member Joins UPN's Star trek: Voyager" by  David  Z. Hines.
"No Threat" added to the By the Author page.
"The 72 Hour Saga" just added to the Ratliff Misting Page.
Just in, it's The Election 2000 Wrapup located in the "By the Author" section. Oh, and a slight page redesign as well.
Today, read the sequel to "Misery Senshi". It's "The Return of the Lawndale Militia" more Daria-fic by Pete Guerin.
An update! Added Out of Time to the Tributes Page.
It's Stephen Ratliff's birthday! Happy birthday, Stephen! To celebrate, read the Ghost Planet Theater's re-enactment of a scene from "All the King's Horses". 
"Republic's Fall" is all new.  And check out former Ratliff misting author Adam Cadre's first novel "Ready, Okay!"
Hey! Want to read a really, really, really  long misting?  Well, head over to here to read a misting dealing with Sailor Moon and Daria! Or just head over to the "By me" page and find it there.
Added "The Ratliff Conspiracy Theory" to the Tributes page.
Added the solo version of "Winning Love by Daylight" as well as the group version to the Ratliff Archive page.
In memory of the death of Charles Schultz, consider reading That's Just Peanuts to Space which may be the only misting of a fanfic involving the Peanuts cast. 
February's Ratliff Quote:
"Come on folks, the Voyager Writing Staff doesn't need me there to come up with stupid plots."
It's the holiday season, so why  not check out Mr. Ratliff's  holiday themed story Home for Christmas?

November's Ratliff Quote:

"Well, let me warn you that I've stopped 13 [NC-17] versions of "The Field Trip"  If I'm not arround, I'd think there would be more."


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