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 Looking for more mistings? Or are you just aimlessly wandering the net? In either case, check out some of these links.

Misting Links
Web Site Number 9
The main archive for mistings on the internet, containing over 1,200 mistings at last count. Well, at least it did when it was up....
Everything What Is Crap
Formerly known as SVAM, this is an archive specializing in mistings of stories based on  anime. The site also contains a small shrine dedicated to Marrissa. They also insist on spelling her name with one 'r'.
An Amazing, Colossal Episode Guide To Sonic the Hedgehog MiSTed Fanfiction
Also known as "AACEGTSTHMF" for short, this site is home to story by story synopsis of all pieces of Sonic fanfiction that have been misted.
The Great Comic Book Misting Site
Yet another specialized archive, this one devoted the mistings of comics (or graphic novels if you prefer) and the fanfiction based on them.

Star Trek Sites
Stephen Ratliff's Website
He's made all of this possible, so pop on over and say 'hi!' or read the unmisted stories. But please don't flame him, ok? And no, I don't know why there's a CGI pciture of David Byrne on the front page.
MST3K Related
The Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Website
Many years after being cancelled, it's still on the air. Hmmmm.....
Satellite News
The home for the MST3K info club, bringing you official MST3K related news and mechandise.
The fight's not yet over for Mike and the Bots. Join the fans of Sluggy Freelance in a last ditch effort to keep MST3K on the air. Hey, it could still happen!

Miscellaneous Links
Erika Flores
If you've ever wondered what the actress who played Marrissa is up to,  head over to the above site, dedicated to Ms. Flores. Surprisingly, unlike many other child actors, she hasn't robbed a bank. Yet.


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