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Stephen Ratliff Biography

Who is Stephen Ratliff? Well, nobody's really quite sure. The most commonly heard story is that Stephen Ratliff was a Computer Science Major attending Radford University.  It is believed that he helped maintain the A.S.C. archive, as well as writing the well known "Marrissa" series of Star Trek fanfic. These same rumors allege that Mr. Ratliff maintained a webpage here.

However, other, persistant, rumors continue about Mr. Ratliff's identity.  Some maintain that Stephen Ratliff is the psuedonym of best selling author, Tom Clancy. They point to similarities between Tom Clancy's  Jack Ryan and Stephen Ratliff's Marrissa. Others claim that there is no Stephen Ratliff, rather, the name of Stephen Ratliff is taken by various A.S.C. authors as part of some nefarious plan. A similar claim is made by some in A.S.C.  who speculate that Stephen Ratliff was created  by vile fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in an effort to discredit the Star Trek community. Still others claim that Ratliff is the product of the internet, an AI set loose upon the web, dedicated to creating fanfic. Other theories that Stephen Ratliff is merely the pen name of a female writer, or possibly the disembodied spirit of Radford University. And a few brave souls claim that Stephen is actually an elaborate prank by the fifth dimensional imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk, who has created these stories in attempt to draw the Man of Steel into a trap. No matter who Stephen Ratliff truly is, this page is a dedication to the mistings of his works, and the works inspired by his stories.


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 Updated: April 26, 2005