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Update: 10/1/2005:   Three "new" Marrissa Mistings"A Grand Slam Misting", "Better than A Best Friend" and "A Marrissa Twofer"   And a rather sad note below.

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Stephen Ratliff is the creator of many pieces of fanfiction, including the famed Marrissa stories, and ... 

What? Who is 'Marrissa'?

Well, back in 1991, an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" titled "Disaster" aired.  In this episode, the
Enterprise is struck by a pair of quantum filaments, knocking out many of the main systems. The main characters are scattered throughout the ship, and must deal with the resulting problems.  In one subplot, the Captain is trapped in a turbolift with three youngsters he had been leading on a tour of the ship, their reward for winning a science fair competition. In an effort to calm them, he makes the children his 'crew', and leads them out of the turbolift. The eldest of the children is named Marissa  (played by young actress Erika Flores), and after this episode, she never again appears on the series.

Flash forward to
November 14, 1993 when a student at Radford University decides to begin writing Star Trek fanfiction. In his first story, he brings back twelve year-old "Marrissa" Flores.  In the story, she is placed in command of the Enterprise while the major characters are on a mission. She and her crew of pre-teens single-handedly defeat a threat to the Federation. Unfortunately, her parents perished during the other mission, so Jean-Luc Picard adopts her, raising her as his daughter. Later, she discovers her father was crown prince of an alien world, making her a Princess. Of course, as she continues to save the Federation, Star Fleet decides to place her on the command fast track, placing her into command of her own starship at the ripe old age of sixteen. 

After that, things get a bit wacky. 

While all of this is going on, a group of MiSTies, fans of the TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000", stumbled across the aforementioned stories.  Like fans of other series, MiSTies write fanfiction. However, their fanfiction, which they call MiSTings, take the form of treating a piece of text as if it was the bad movie inflicted on the show's main characters and having them make fun of the text. It was soon decided the Marrissa stories were ideal misting material, and Stephen was gracious enough to allow his work to be publicly ripped to shreds.. As Stephen turned out more and more stories featuring Marrissa and her Kids' Crew, more and more MiSTings of these stories were written, until it became apparent there needed to be a central archive for these mistings

This is that archive.


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