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About Us

Who We Are:

LionsPaw Mascots was founded in 1988 as a builder of fine animal mascot costumes. We began, and are still based in Aurora, CO. Our staff has extensive experience in character creation, design, and performance. In other words, we don't just design and build 'em, we wear 'em too!

What We Do:

Every LionsPaw Mascot starts with a sketch, either provided by the customer or created by us. We then send the customer a swatch sheet, and, once materials are approved, we begin work.  We do our best to keep the client close during the construction phase, so that the best possible results are acheived. Average completion times are usually 6-8 weeks. *  
We use high quality materials, and we stand behind what we do.
It doesn't matter how unusual the character is. Whether it's a seven-foot tall Ferret that teaches kids about anger management, to an inflatable horse for a television commercial, we can do it! Be it serious, or silly.  Do you have an action figure or stuffed toy you want made into a costume? We can do it! Don't already have a design in mind? We can help you there too! See below!
*note-completion times are from the date of final design and material approval, and may vary depending on design complexity, and time of year.

concept sketch

finished costume

Drop us a note or call us and see who we can build for you!



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