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1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry

Staff Officers:
Major Charles J. Munnerlyn (promoted Lt. Colonel 12-64),   Captain William Footman (promoted Major 12-64), Captain/Quartermaster James McKay, Jr.

Authorized by the War Department, March 28, 1864,
with authority granted to C. J. Munnerlyn, July 7, 1864, to organize the Battalion

Several companies surrendered between May 15-20, 1865; the battalion was
formally surrendered June 5, 1865

Official Name:
1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry

Cattle Battalion, Cow Cavalry,  Commissary Battalion, or Munnerlyn's Battalion

9 Companies

Approximately 800 men

Protection of Florida cattle herds from the roving bands of deserters and Union sympathizers; driving beef cattle north to the commissary depots; rounding up deserters; checking the nuisance raids conducted from the Union outpost at Fort Myers; assisting with picket duty; assisting the blockade running operations

Bowlegs Creek, April 7, 1864; Fort Meade area, May 1864; Brooksville area,  July 1864;  Rocky Point near Tampa, December 3, 1864;  Cedar Keys, February 13, 1865; Fort Myers, February 20, 1865
March 1864-June 1865
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David Bamford received a B.A. in Political Science in 1994 and a MPA in Public Administration in 1998 from North Carolina State University. He is a member of the 31st NC Regiment (Camp 1842) Chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He is a descendant of Cow Cavalry soldiers Captain Francis Asbury Hendry, Private Albert J. Hendry, 2nd Lieutenant George Washington Hendry, Lieutenant William Marion Hendry who served in Company A; and 4th Sergeant Edward Gross Wilder, Private Thomas Hopkins Wilder, Private Hopkins M. Wilder, and 2nd Lieutenant Thomas William Wilder who served in Company B.
Kyle S. VanLandingham (kylesv@qwest.net)
Kyle VanLandingham holds B.A. and J.D. degrees, served as President of the Tampa Historical Society from 1996-1997, and was editor of its journal, the Sunland Tribune, from 1991 to 1997. An author of several books and articles on Florida history and genealogy, he is a descendant of Cow Cavalry soldiers Streaty Parker, William Alderman, John Henry Hollingsworth, and William W. Willingham.
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SOURCE: Florida Cowman, A History of Florida Cattle Raising, Joe A. Akerman, Jr., (Kissimmee, FL, 1976).
"Munnerlyn's Cattle Guard Battalion" C.S.A.
Florida's Cow Cavalry or Cattle Guard Battalion was one of the most colorful and effective militia units organized during the Civil War. Here they are shown in action against Federal units attempting to steal cattle destined for the Confederate Army.
Florida State Flag, adopted 9-13-1861
Native Florida Scub Cattle
This picture is provided courtesy of Joe A. Akerman, Jr.