Description of the installation of the Stinger Roadkill Pro sound damping material in our ML.

Once the first interior door panel was removed it became apparent that doing a proper installation of the material would involve removal of the moisture barrier, which is when I chicken out. It was uncertain whether the tar like adhesive the held the plastic moisture barrier sheet in place was reusable. So I just applied damping material to the exposed metal on the interior side of the door and to the backside of the removable interior panel. This may have been a waste of time and material (I worked at it long enough that objectivity has been lost).

Images of the "bare" insides of the doors

Images of the paper patterns affixed to the metal on the door and the interior panel.

Images of the Roadkill after application.




Stinger RoadKill (18) Pro 70.00 AUTOTOYS.COM
6 hrs "virgin" labor "free"

last updated 1999-02-16