Description of the installation of the Infinity Kappa Speakers  in our ML's front doors.

The door panels were removed and reinstalled as part of the installation of the sound damping material. Two aspects differ between the front and rear doors, the look button is attached to the interior panel of the rear doors and the mirror triangle must be removed before attempting to remove the interior panel of the front doors.

The front speakers are held by 4Torx (T15) screws in a plastic enclosure mounted to (and through) the metal door panel.

These enclosures will house 6.5 inch oversized (165mm) speakers (thus 652.1i's were used rather than 62.1i's). The Kappa's were a tight fit, mainly in terms of depth. The OEM speaker wires just clip on, no special harness required as is the case in some Japanese vehicles. The plastic enclosures have a louvered opening into the door cavity. Some have suggested plugging up this openning to achieve tighter base. After trying it both way (covered & uncovered) I choose to cover (i.e. seal) the front speaker mounting enclusure, it eliminated an anoying resonense. The following images illustrate how the new speakers look installed.

The Kappa 652.1i 2-way speakers have a rotating angled tweeter mounted in the center of the midrange driver. I rotated it so that if "pointed" more or less up toward the front seat occupents.

The sound was definintely better than the stock system. The only problem is that now I feel the need for a "real" amplifier.

Cost of Front Speaker Installation




Infintiy Kappa 652.1i 2-way speakers US$ 119.00 AUTOTOYS.COM
4 hrs labor (including testing seal) "free" me

last updated 1999-02-08