Images of Option M7 Install in a 1999 Base Model ML320

This page provides several sets of clickable thumbnails for various views of the M-Class Option M7 install (by Smythe European in San Jose, CA) in a 99 base model ML320. The promise of this option is what really made it feasible to replace our AWD minivan (sorry  to use the m-word, but true). Given that the release of this option had slipped several times we were very pleased to receive our 3rd row seats "only" 4 months after taking deliver of the ML (note: our wait might have been shorter due to the very limit number of base model MLs requiring cloth 3rd row seats).

Our use of the 3rd row seats has been limited (as expected), to hauling girl scouts around (11-12 year olds). None have complained, but that might just be the novelty factor.

The one aspect of the factory installed Option M7 package that I can not comment on is the rear vent windows. From a ventilation point of view they would be nice to have, from a structural soundness and noise reduction point of view we are just as well off without them.

Impact on Outward Visibility

 Right Rear View

 View Straight Back

Impact on Cargo Area

 3rd Row Seats Installed

Impact on 2nd Row Passenger Space

 2nd Row Seats Moved Forward (necessary for 3rd row  use)

3rd Row Passenger Space

 3rd Row Knee Room

 3rd Row Foot Room

3rd Row Seat Removal

 Right 3rd Row Seat  Removed From Pivots

Cross Sectional Diagram

 Diagram w/ Dimensions

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