M7 Outward Visibility Impact

The first 2 images show how much the stowed right 3rd row seat impact the driver's view to the right rear of the vehicle.

Right 3 Row Seat in the Down (back rised) PositionRight 3re Row Seat in the (secured to the side wall) Up Position

As you can see the 2nd row right outside seat head restraint pretty much blocks the view, so the stowed 3rd row seat don't make the really poor rear quarter visibility any worst!

The next 2 images show how the 3rd row seat backs and head restraints impact the driver's view straight back (a sea of head restraints).

Looking Straight Back with 3rd Row Flat or RemovedView with 3rd Row in Raise Positions

As you can see the 3rd row seat are very effective at blocking the already limited visibility straight back in the M-Class. This vehicle is really in need of a reversing collision warning system!

Note: The hairy elbow is not part of the Option M7 package.

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Last Update 1999-04-10