Impact on Cargo Space

The following 3 images show how much having the 3rd row seats installed impact the cargo area (behind the 2nd row seats). Luckily the 3rd row seats can be easily removed, returning the cargo area to its original capacity.

3rd Row Seat Stowed  3rd row seat stowed to the sides above floor (lots of room)

3rd Row Seats Down with Backs Folded Flat  3 row seats down with backs folded flat (plenty of  room)

3rd Row Seats In Normal Passenger Position  3rd row seats ready for 7 passengers (very little room)

Note1: As you can see in the first image we long ago removed the (noisy) plastic panels that cover the 3rd row footwell.

Note2: What you don't see in the second image is that the 3rd row head restraints are stowed in the 3rd row footwell (a towel is handy to keep them clean).

Note3: The "dimples" in the 3rd row seat backs are made by the cargo area cover mounting point covers while the seats are stowed up against the sides of the cargo area.

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Last Updated 1999-04-10