Kanga RoofPouch on a ML320

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The RoofPouch, made of nylon material, is placed on the ML's roof, which is protected by a RoofPad and the 1/8" boards that are pocketed in to the bottom of the RoofPouch. All the RoofPouch's seams were seal with tent seam sealer. We usually put most items into plastic garbage bags, have rarely had any damp item while driving through winter storms (rain & snow) in Central California.

While this maybe the largest  (due to the flexible material) 15 cubic feet you can find, it still doesn't allow for 7 passengers worth of luggage. But the rear cargo area (with the cargo net) plus the RoofPouch should allow 5 passengers with too much stuff.

E-Mail Recieved Jan-22-2001:

Subject: Web Page Message
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:01:23 -0500 (EST)
From: pouch@extremezone.com
To: klazys@ix.netcom.com

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Found your website and picture of your vehicle with our RoofPouch on it today. May we recommend that you change the information under the picture? The product you have is no longer made. The new ones are made of a vinyl material that allows us to fabric weld the straps on, eliminating over 75% of the stitching and making it much more durable and weatherproof.

Thanks and if you ever wish to upgrade, please give us a call. (800) 347-9793

Patricia Sills, General Manager
The Kanga Co., Inc.

Thanks Patricia, but we're quit satisfied with our "out of production" pouch as it still serves us well.

last updated: 2001-01-22