Protecting the paint on our ML320 from (small) flying objects

This page describes what we did to protect the paint on the hood of our ML from chips. Which was to have 3M's ScotchCal(tm) clear film applied.

ML delivered: 9/29/98

film applied: 1/11/99

The following three Before & After views illustrate the visual impact of having protective film applied on front of the hood of our ML. Something like 10-20 small stone chips had already been acquired (and required touch-up) in 4,300 miles (including 3 trips to Lake Tahoe). The after images were taken at >5,100? miles (after another trip to Lake Tahoe).

Driver's side - Before Drivers side - After

head on - Beforehead on - After

Passengers side - BeforePassengers side - After

The film was applied at California Auto Tinting and Polishing in Campbell, CA. (note: CAT&P was not completely satisfied with quality of  film installations they could achieve and are no longer offering this service :-(

California Auto Tinting's card

The film came as in a pre-cut kit from Invisi-Shield (brand name?), two other makers of pre-cut films I looked at (in 1998) were StonGard and Invica-Shield (brand name?). But we choose Invisi-Shield (brand name?) for our ML320 primarily because it was offered by a local installer (recommended by our Mercedes sales adviser) and was less expensive than the other two (you know lowest bidder and all that). The cost installed (and it appears most of the cost should be labor) was US$ 250.

I have been contacted by an outfit using the brand (company?) name of  Invinca-Shield :


Dear People:

I am the general manager of Invinca-Shield, Inc. the company that produces paint protection film kits out of 3M's Scotchcal film. WE ARE NOT OUT OF BUSINESS as the outdated information on your website states. We can be reached at our site which is or on our toll-free telephone # 888-339-1385. We found out about your site from people who did a search of our name and were mislead believing we were no longer in business and respectfully request that you either update your information or remove it entirely. The main problem appears that you seem to have mispelled our company's name ( there was never an (Invisi-Shield nor and "Invica-Shield" they are simply mispellings).

Thanks for the nice things you say about the film and our kits. By the way, they still work just as well although our desigining has gotten better over the years. Please be sure to call us if we can help you with any paint protection needs you may have for your current vehicles.


Tom Bell

General Manager

Invinca-Shield, Inc.

I can not prove that the 2 brand names  in question I included originally ever truely existed as separate brands. I also can not prove what Mr. Bell states (nor am I going to spend the time attempting to disprove or even suggest that it is inaccurate). (page altered to remove any comment about who is in or out of business and updated to include only valid links)

As I see it you now have 3 valid links to follow rather than 2 (remaining link below).

Previously I had been contacted by another outfit X-Pel Automotive Survival Products indicating they now offered the precut film, tools, etc. I have no experience with X-Pel but if you are interested in precut film, or uncut "raw" film it might be worthwhile contacting them.

Given that I can't keep the different offerings straight, it would be a good idea to find an installer that you consider reliable and of course seek other opinions.

Are we happy with the installation? with the product? Overall Yes


last updated: 2002-03-22