ML320 Base Model Interior Images

Mercedes has been very tight with visuals of the base model M-Class in the USA. Hopefully the images here will help anyone interested in what the base model interior looks like. (note: you may or may not be able to accept the pattern Mercedes choose, even if you like cloth seating surfaces)

Click on images for enlargement.

(click on any of the above images for an enlargement)

So why did we purchase a base model ML320?

Basically because it offered greater value to us than a ML320 with the M1 package!

  99 ML320 M1 package:

  What we wanted in our M-Class:

  To be as comfortable using our "Mercedes" everyday and in everyway, as we had become with the Dodge Caravan it was to replace.


A note on the power and heated seats, our base model M-class appears to have all of the wiring for both!

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