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Windsurfing:  Choosing Board Volume
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This article answer the question "How much board volume is right for you?"

(Sailor weight + rig weight + wetsuit weight + board weight + FF) / 2.21 Liters per pound is about ideal for everyday use with a wide board

For me at 230#s

(230 + 20 + 10 + 20 + 0) / 2.21 = 127 liters

FF is fudge Factor
FF = 0 for experts who make most of their jibes and perhaps 50 lbs for those working on straps and harness and 100 lbs for novices...

The people I know who freestyle and are between 180 and 200 seem to like 105 to 109 Liter JP boards... which fits that formula well.

Board width and shape matter too, but if you have enough width to plane up fairly quickly then a shape that doesn't get out of control in chop... it works.

Table  by weight and skill


Last Updated 08/01/07