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The American tendency to offer excessive gratuities can be seen as rude in some countries like Japan.  Before you travel overseas, you should check to see what is customary before you tip abroad.  Often the gratuity is included in the bill so you can easily overpay, especially in European restaurants and hotels.

In some places, such as Vietnam, Thailand and Fiji, New Zealand and other South Pacific locations, there is no tipping at all!  In Japan, a tip is considered an insult.

Table 1:  How Much Should You Tip by Country
10%, fine restaurants only $2 per bag
Round up the Fare
3% in major cities
$1 to $2 total
Costa Rica
$1 to $2 total None
10% if no service charge
$1 per bag
None None None
5 to 10%
$1 per bag Round up the Fare
5 to 10% $1 per bag Round up the Fare
10% plus service charge
$1 per bag
Round up the Fare
None None None
10 to 15%
50 cents
New Zeland
None None None
None None None
United States
15 to 20%

see below
Vietnam None None None

US Taxi Drivers: Taxi driver Zoran Jajcania, when asked how much he expected, replied " "Not much" for a short trip. "If you are going long fare, you will get paid well anyway."  Others say they pay 20%

Airport Limo Trips: I usually take a limousine to and from airports.  I ask the limo company when I book the limo what their drivers expect than add some if they show up on time, are polite and drive safely.  If I am spending $1,000 or more for a trip, it seems a nice way to start and end the trip by paying the driver a couple of extra dollars.

Starbucks, Peete's and other coffee shops

Over tipping:  Magellan's travel supply companies
Lynn Staneff, after spending several months researching tipping overseas said " The most glaring way to show you're an American - besides your accent - is to over-tip. In some countries, particularly Asia, it isn't even considered polite to tip. When you do it in these places, you're saying that the person you're tipping isn't hospitable enough to provide service without a bribe."

Table of Tips rate by country.  Tipping Rates vary by country and service.  American's usually tip too much over seas and overlook those close to home who benefit the most. 

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