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This computer forensics procedure solved a case !
You will need a Computer Forenisc P.I. for this work. (click on the photo for its actual size)

The Computer Forensics P.I./Expert Witness knows the science of Compuer Forensics Data Recovery and Investigations. In fact, other California P.I.'s will hire a computer forensics investigator when they get the "high technology" case. The Computer Foreniscs P.I. does "normal" investigation work, but he specializes with computer forensics software, hardware, and the all-important computer forensics lab to help any client with computer involved problems and digital evidence. 
One of our most popular and valuable service is the "hunt for the fraudulent or untruthful computer forensics examiner."  We have been amazed at the huge number of people who claimed to be computer forensics experts.   We have discovered several and now offer computer forensics expert witness disqualification services.  We will check very closely on any computer forensics expert and verify skills, experience, and qualifications.  Clients and attorneys need to know right away if their computer forensics expert will be subject to disqualification for a number of problems we have discovered.  Without computer forensics expertise on your side you can be duped by unqualified and sometimes clearly illegally practicing computer forensics experts.
The Computer Forensics P. I. certified by the State of California as a Computer Crimes Investigator, college educated, and qualified in court as a computer forensics expert with years of full-time law enforcement experience. (Check our other site:
With an extensive law enforcement career including 9 years of full-time Computer Forensics Investigator work  The Computer Forensics P.I. will assist you with computer evidence processing, computer crime scene management, high tech suspect interviews, computer crimes, high tech investigations, data recovery from seized computers, and all aspects of high tech report writing and testimony.  With the qualificatons included in the resume, qualifying in court is a simple process and has been done several times.  For attorneys, the Computer Forensics P.I. will help you with high technology investigations and "electronic" discovery.  High quality Hi-Tech follow-up and investigations will be yours.
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This is a computer forensics lab procedure
Do you know what is happening in the lab here? (Click on the photo for the actual size)
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