ETCP cover Effective TCP/IP Programming
Addison-Wesley, 2000.
IBSN 0-201-61589-4
299 + xv pages, $34.95
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The purpose of Effective TCP/IP Programming is to help the beginning and intermediate programmer make the move to journeyman network programmer. To accomplish this, the book considers several topics that cause network programmers difficulties. These topics are presented in the form of ``tips'' (see the Table of Contents) that are self contained mini-essays. The following excerpt from the Preface explains the rationale for the book:

TCP/IP programming can seem seductively simple. The API is straightforward, and even the newest beginner can take a template for a client or server and flesh it out to a working application.

Often, however, after an initial surge of productivity, neophytes begin to bog down in details, and find that their applications suffer from performance or robustness problems. Network programming is a field full of dark corners and often misunderstood details. This book is intended to shed light in those corners and help replace misunderstanding with an appreciation for the often subtle points of TCP/IP programming.

Using the Source Code

Readers sometimes ask me if I object to their using the source code from the book in commercial or open source projects. I have no objections, and the Copyright holder, Addison-Wesley, has graciously granted their permission as well. Addison-Wesley asks that if you do use the code, you include this statement in your source file: ``The following code is from Effective TCP/IP Programming by Jon C. Snader, Copyright 2000 by Addison-Wesley.''


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