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My students say the kindest things....

I have attended many agility seminars (Susan Garrett/Greg Derrett; Julie Daniels; Jen Pindar, etc.) and worked with a number of good trainers.  Without disparaging any of them, no one has helped me succeed in agility more than Sassie Joiris.  She has helped me with my high drive standard poodle and with my slow and steady Norwich terrier.  She does not base her advice on what Border Collies can do.  (She could train a duck to do agility).  If you are older she does not tell you to run faster, she figures out how you can compensate. Sassie takes time to prepare to work with YOU and YOUR DOG to get the best out of your team.  And unlike some trainers who shall not be mentioned, she has great people skills; it is fun as well as instructive to work with her.  I always leave a lesson or class with her more confident with the tools my dog and I have learned.  

- Esther Newton


I count myself very lucky to have trained with Francoise Joiris for the past 8 years.   I was not a promising prospect - a middle aged uncoordinated person with my first dog.    Sassie has helped me work through many problems including my dog's brush with death, my ring nerves, various setbacks as well as a complete lack of experience.  Unlike many teachers, Sassie doesn't have one secret technique, one size fits all handling system that she presents with a "my way or the highway" directive;  she's an encyclopedia of techniques.   She's able to work with the handler and the dog in specific and develop a program that works.   Many teachers told me to rehome my dog or simply give up on doing agility with her.   But I kept working with Sassie, often consulting with her via phone or email.  Now we are working on the highest level of competition and whether or not we are able to obtain the title, the joy my dog and I share in agility comes directly from training with Sassie.

- Holly Hughes


 I have driven many miles to attend classes and seminars taught by Sassie Joiris, and in each case, it has always been well worth the trip.  Sassie is a knowledgeable and versatile teacher, with a wide variety of tools in her training toolbox.  

As a novice agility handler with a non-traditional agility breed, I have found Sassie to be sympathetic to our particular challenges, while always helping us move past them.  She has given my dog and I a great agility foundation and she has helped me to keep my dog motivated and "in the game." She also does a great job of keep *me* motivated and in the game while working through any rough spots.

In the seminars I've attended, Sassie has provided some creative solutions to some stubborn problems.  She does a great job of making her students feel comfortable, and by the end of the session, we're all having fun.  She is a gifted trainer and teacher, of both dogs and people.

- Marilyn Bratis


Sassie Joiris totally rocks! Patient. Flexible. Wise. Fearless. Inventive. Diligent. Intuitive. Fun. Cool. The consummate DJ. She is an amazing encyclopedia of a teacher and trainer of all kinds of breeds and types of dogs AND (this is really important) their equally varied people too. On a five star system her agility and tricks classes can easily be awarded SIX stars—for her uncanny ability to always know when to challenge and when to coddle and of course when to party, for magically making anything complicated and exasperating useful and simple and fun again, for taking everything she knows and never hesitating to step outside the box for solutions, for her generosity—no one does that kind of homework for their students, for her particular sense of humor and the way she creates a really fun and eventful class atmosphere where students are invested and celebrate even each other’s smallest successes… and that extra sixth star? For her incredibly quick sixth sense—I am always amazed by Sassie’s keen powers of observation and it probably comes from that unusually deep respect she has for animals combined with her pleasure in puzzling out any training issues—but Sassie always just somehow sees and knows.
Our introduction to Sassie a Trick Seminar at Clean Run where in a few hours our dog Stella learned to leap through a paper-covered hoop and also skateboard across the room. More recently in Sassie’s Tricks Class at K9 Campus Stella learned among other things how to go up stairs backwards and is in the middle stages of learning how to stand on her hands. For agility, we came to Sassie with a huge focus problem that sort of breathtakingly vanished in the first class. I’d recommend Sassie Joiris’s classes and seminars to anyone up equally for a challenge and some serious fun!
- Dinah PD

March 2001
Baby Stamp's second day in New York City