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"The Difference in IT Security"

Delta Security Solutions is an independent security consulting company specializing in the needs of small- and mid-sized organizations in New England and throughout the rest of the US. By independent we mean that we do not have any affiliation with any product or managed security service providers (MSSP), like many consulting companies do. This means that we can recommend solutions without 'special' consideration for specific third-parties - we won't recommend any product or service that doesn't exactly meet your particular security (and pricing) needs.

Being a small independent company also makes it easier for us to offer you security services whose quality equals or exceeds those that the 'Big 5' consulting companies can offer, with pricing specifically designed to meet the needs of small- and mid-sized businesses. Our President and Chief Consultant, John McDonald, has performed IT security work for companies such as Raytheon, Teradyne, Oracle, Compaq and the Boston Stock Exchange, so he knows what's involved in establishing the level of security businesses require. By applying those same principles and methodologies, Delta can offer the same level of security services enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies to small- and mid-sized organizations.

Our experience has also shown that 'security' does not automatically mean 'extremely complex' and 'expensive'. In many cases, simple improvements in how you use and manage your IT systems, combined with some inexpensive applications, can provide a dramatic improvement in your level of security. The first step in any Delta Security Audit is to develop an understanding of what your IT is worth to you, and use that value to help develop recommendations for improving security in a way that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Delta can help virtually any small- or mid-sized business improve its security in the ever more dangerous world that is Information Technology. Call or email us today, and we'll meet with you to discuss your needs and how Delta can help.


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