Welcome to the home page of Technology@Hand. We're a small, informal company that provides software for Windows CE devices. Most of what we do is based on our own experience with using Windows CE devices on a daily basis.

Technology@Hand currently offers two freeware utilities - Palm@Hand, a utility for exchanging information with Palm devices, and Keyboard@Hand, a keyboard driver for the Genovation Inc.'s Travelboard 634/Ibiz Technology Corp.'s KeySync keyboard (they're the same product with different branding).


Palm@Hand is a utility that allows you to exchange information with Palmâ organizers, utilizing the Infrared exchange capabilities built into every Infrared-equipped Palm device. Palm@Hand is currently only available for Palm-size PCs (P/PC) running Windows 2.11 or later (i.e. Casio E-10x, HP Jornada 420/430, Compaq 1500/2100, etc.).

Below are links to two different version of Palm@Hand - one for MIPS processors and one for SH3 processors. These files are ZIP files. They each contain two files - an Adobe Acrobat User's Guide (Users Guide.pdf) and a self-extracting installation file (PalmAtHand.exe). Please read the User's Guide before installing the application.

To install Palm@Hand, just run (double click) on the self-extracting executable file (PalmAthand.exe). This will create the installation files. Once the files are created, just double click on the 'setup.exe' file, follow the directions, and Palm@Hand will be installed on your device.

Palm@Hand for MIPS P/PCs

Palm@Hand for SH3 P/PCs

To view the Palm@Hand User's Guide online, click here

If you're having trouble with Palm@Hand (i.e. The button definitions get messed-up), or if you want to remove Palm@Hand from your system (sniffle…), you need to delete the configuration database that was created. Since the standard Windows CE 'Remove Program' utility doesn't support that, I've created a small utility called PalmWash. You need to manually copy it to your device using Explorer and run it. Just answer 'Yes' to the dialog and the database will be deleted.

PalmWash for MIPS P/PCs

PalmWash for SH3 P/PCs


Keyboard@Hand is a simple driver for Genovation Inc.'s Travelboard 634/Ibiz Technology Corp.'s KeySync keyboard, which are essentially the same product with different brand names. While both companies offer drivers that allow you to use their keyboards for a Windows CE device, neither of them offer a version for an HPC/Pro SH4 platform, so we decided to write one ourselves. We decided to go ahead and make Keyboard@Hand available for a couple of different platforms, since it offers a smaller size and (in my opinion) slightly better functionality than either of the other company's offer.

The exact type of Windows CE device (i.e. Palm-size PC, HPC, or HPC/Pro) doesn't matter. Just select the correct one for your processor.

Download Keyboard@Hand here:

Keyboard@Hand for ARM processors

Keyboard@Hand for MIPS processors

Keyboard@Hand for SH3 processors

Keyboard@Hand for SH4 processors

To contact Technology@Hand via e-mail, click here