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Focused Component Analysis

While all of the components of your IT infrastructure are important in terms of security, some have a larger impact on your business than others. It may be your customer database server, your inventory processing systems or your payroll system - one or more pieces of your infrastructure plays a pivotal role in your ability to keep doing business. If that component (or components) were the target of a successful attack, critical information or resources could be lost, modified or stolen, and your business would suffer.

It's because of these components and their importance to you that Delta offers our Focused Component Analysis service. This service is designed to dig down deep into your critical components and the factors that impact them and uncover security issues that may exist.

Delta has extensive experience with many of the most common technology components that are in use today, including:

Delta also understands that the security of your critical systems, applications, databases and other components depends not only on the technology involved, but how the components are utilized and managed. All of these factors are reviewed as part of our Focused Component Analysis service.

As a result of this effort you will receive a detailed report that describes what was reviewed, any issues uncovered, and recommendations on how to address the issues. The report is written in easy-to-understand language, and the recommendations are based on your business model and include a cost/benefits analysis. Delta believes that the best recommendation in the world is meaningless if its not practical for your business to implement.

Our Focused Component Analysis service also makes an excellent addition to our Core Security Audit service. The Core Security Audit service provides you with a detailed view of the security for your entire infrastructure, while the Focused Component Analysis service provides an aditional level of detail for your most critical components.


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