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Contract Security Support Service

Many small and mid-sized business today find themselves in a difficult position - they're concerned about the security of their IT infrastructure, but the can't afford to hire a full-time security staff. The current IT staff is busy supporting the infrastructure and users, so spending a lot of time and money on training and certifying the existing staff on IT security isn't a viable option either. Hiring a different consulting company every time security work needs to be done can get complex and expensive, and the different approaches used by different consultants can actually reduce your level of security.

For companies in this position, Delta offers our Contract Security Support service. With this service, you get the benefits of having a certified security professional on your team without the cost of hiring full-time personnel. Our personnel will visit your facilities on a regular basis to evaluate the status of your infrastructure's security and, if necessary, make any adjustments. We will perform regular reviews with you and your staff to ensure that you're up to date on the status of your security and the latest threats, and ensure that your security documentation (such as your Policies and Procedures manual) is up-to-date.

The service also includes a regular monthly status report that describes any worked performed by us as well as notes documenting the review meetings. And if any significant event occurs that could impact the security of your infrastructure, Delta will contact you immediately to update you and ensure that your security is always ready to handle whatever the world throws at you.


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