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Security Policies & Procedures Review/Update

Like most aspects of business, your IT infrastructure and the security threats it faces are constantly changing. In order to maintain an effective level of security, your security policies and procedures need to keep pace with both changes to your infrastructure as well as changes in the outside world. Many businesses that have implemented security policies and procedures are unable to dedicate the IT resources necessary to keep them up-to-date.

Delta's Security Policies & Procedures Review/Update service provides you with the virtual security staff you need to keep your documentation up to date. We will review your existing policies and procedures documents to gain an understanding of how you manage security, then perform an analysis of your IT infrastructure to see what changes have been made that may impact your security. Once your internal changes have been evaluated, Delta will then perform a threat assessment to determine what threats you currently face and how they impact your policies and procedures. After both evaluations have been completed, Delta will prepare a report describing what we reviewed in detail and how it impacts your policies and procedures. We will then meet with you to review the report and discuss the issues discovered during the analysis. Based on your input during this meeting, Delta will update your policies and procedures documents.


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