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Security Policies & Procedures Development

While technologies such as intrusion detection systems, audit systems and access control are critical to the security of your IT infrastructure, the best technology will not keep a poorly managed infrastructure secure. One truism in the IT industry is that there are usually management solutions that can be implemented to overcome technical problems; however, there are no technical solutions that can overcome management problems. How you manage the security of your IT infrastructure is potentially the most critical factor in determining how secure it actually is.

In order to effectively manage the security of your IT environment, your business needs to have a standard set of documented security policies that define 'rules' for security (i.e. what is and isn't allowed), and a set of documented procedures that define how to implement those rules. To address this need for effective, documented management of your of IT security, Delta offers its Security Policies & Procedures Development service. This service delivers to you two documents - a Security Policy document and a Security Procedures manual.

Phase 1 - Security Policies Development

The Security Policies document defines the rules for the security of your IT infrastructure. It includes sections on areas such as:

Also included is a standard form that should be signed by all users of your IT infrastructure to indicate that they have read and understand what your policies are regarding IT security. The policies document will be developed based information from a number of sources such as:

Delta will also incorporate any industry-unique security requirements that your business may be subject to, such as HIPAA for healthcare organizations, SEC guidelines for financial organizations, DoD regulations for military contractors, etc.

Phase 2 - Security Procedures Development

Once your security policies have been defined, a Security Procedures manual will be developed. This manual contains step-by-step instructuions for all of the processes that impact the security of your IT infrastructure, including:

As with all of Delta's services, our Security Policies & Procedures Development service is implemented with extensive input from you. The resulting documents are based entirely on your requirements and provide easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement policies and procedures that meet your needs. The 'one size fits all' approach may work for t-shirts, but for security the only approach that works is one based on your business.


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