John M. McDonald, President



Chief Technology Consultant

Aztec Technology Partners, Boston, MA, 10/98 – 10/01

·        Responsible for developing and managing a successful Enterprise Security Services Practice to deliver enterprise-level IT infrastructure and security solutions. Generated over $500K in revenue in first 2 quarters.

·        Developed the Practice’s delivery methodologies for IT infrastructure security services, including threat assessment, security requirements definition as tied to business requirements, developing security policies and procedures, and integrating security technology and tools.

·        Managed and delivered security projects at all levels, from single-system implementation to enterprise-wide analysis. Recent efforts include:

o      Performed a detailed security audit for a Biotech company that identified numerous major security issues. Provided recommendations to align their security infrastructure with business requirements.

o      Performed a detailed analysis of Teradyne’s IT infrastructure and developed security recommendations that allowed the IT group to meet the company’s business requirements.

o      Audited IT infrastructure security for major Boston area hospital. The resulting recommendations significantly improved physical and network security and provided a basis for developing their HIPAA-compliant security architecture.

o      Analyzed IT business continuity requirements and developed disaster recovery plan for local government agency.

·        Designed, developed and implemented internal web-based workflow management system to assist Sales, Services, and Engineering’s project planning efforts in assigning and tracking delivery resources.


Chief Technical Officer

Solutions ETC, Inc., Woburn, MA, 10/94 – 10/98

·        Responsible for developing company’s technical direction and developing and implementing technical plans.

·        Designed and implemented various UNIX and Windows NT security solutions, from application- to enterprise-level integrated systems. Customers included Oracle, McDonnell-Douglas, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

·        Provided engineering and development support for Digital UNIX operating system.

·        Implemented and maintained the company's internal IT infrastructure.

·        Provided a detailed systems performance analysis of a customer's systems running Digital and Sun UNIX. Recommendations improved application performance by over 300%.

·        Project manager and technical lead for team designing single sign-on security system for UNIX and Windows NT.

·        Project manager and technical lead for porting SCADA software from Digital UNIX to Windows NT, including design, code, testing and tuning.

·            Designed and delivered training courses, ranging from introductory user level to operating system internals for both UNIX and Windows NT. Designed numerous customized training courses and seminars, including 'Managing Windows NT Security', 'Managing UNIX Security', and 'Managing Users in a Mixed Operating System Environment'.


Field Application Engineer

Digital Equipment Corporation, NE TOEM Group, Burlington, MA, 6/93 - 10/94

·        Developed and assisted in the implementation of real time and embedded solutions based on Digital UNIX and third-party products. Worked closely with engineering and marketing to develop and implement product strategies. Led and coordinated efforts for numerous tradeshows, including ESC, ATCA, and I/ITSEC.

·        Performed detailed analysis of Windows NT to determine its capabilities and performance in real time environments.

·        Developed solutions for integrating real time/embedded applications in a security infrastructure.



Digital Equipment Corporation, NE ADEG Accounts, Burlington, MA, 10/90 - 6/93

·        Performed real time/embedded and security support for all government and government prime contractors in the Northeast. Developed real time/embedded and security strategy and trained sales and sales support personnel in the account group. Participated in the Real Time Partners Program, acting as technical liaison between marketing/engineering and the field. Twice awarded “DEC100.”


Principal Software Specialist

Digital Equipment Corporation, Hanscom AFB Geophysics Account, 9/89 - 10/90

·        Lead Analyst for all UNIX and real time weather data collection/analysis systems. Developed and implemented integration plan that allowed workstation users to access data collected from various experiments. Consulted on design and implementation of various real time data collection/analysis systems, including integration into secure Air Force deployment systems.


Principal Software Specialist

Digital Equipment Corporation, Raytheon Missile Systems Account, 7/86 - 9/89

·        Lead Programmer for all real time and device driver functions for the Patriot Automatic Test Equipment systems. Developed and implemented device drivers for all test equipment interfaces (DRV11-WA, IEQ-11, KWV11-C) and all real time service routines under VAX/VMS. Validated all software against DoD security requirements. Twice awarded Digital’s “Circle of Excellence.”


Senior Software Specialist

Digital Equipment Corporation, GE Account, Syracuse, NY, 9/84 - 7/86

·        Lead Programmer for the Common Display Services Team. Designed and implemented VAX/VMS-based real time display functions that reduced display times of 3-8 minutes to less than 30 seconds. Awarded General Electric’s “Excellence in Engineering.”


Systems Analyst

U.S. Air Force, OTH-B Radar Program, Syracuse, NY, 10/82 - 9/84

·        Lead Technical Member for the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Team on the Over-the-Horizon Backscatter (OTH-B) Radar program. Performed detailed design analysis of all real time signal processing, display and security functions. Awarded Air Force Achievement medal.


U.S. Air Force, Tactical Air Command, Langley AFB, VA, 10/80 - 10/82

·        Designed, developed and implemented Air Force and Department of Defense real time operational war planning systems as part of the Joint Operations Planning Systems (JOPS). Awarded Air Force Commendation medal.

·        Acted as assistant security officer for IT installation.


General: Strong learning, analytical and problem-solving skills. Extensive experience in many different areas of security technology and industry provides a wide range of approaches when analyzing and solving problems and allows me to quickly understand and apply new ideas and technologies.

Technologies: Sun Solaris SPARC/Intel, SCO UNIX, Linux, Windows NT/2000, IBM AS/400 (Security), Windows CE, PalmOS, UNIX/OSF/1 (MIPS & Alpha AXP), OpenVMS (VAX & Alpha AXP), Firewalls, FORTRAN, C, device drivers, VxWorks, real time systems, embedded systems, TCP/IP/PPP, HTML, CGI, IIS. Protocols include TCP/IP, NetBUI, POP/SMTP, SNMP, PKI and many others.

Tools and Methodologies: Microsoft Project, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Visio, SQL, assorted graphing tools, Six Sigma, PMBOK, port scanners, Kane Security Analyst, BlackIce Defender.

Communications: Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Extensive experience in preparing and delivering customer and management presentations. Experienced in preparing white papers involving integrated solutions and detailed analysis.

Industry: Extensive knowledge of security offerings and directions in computer, higher education, financial, medical (HIPAA), government, and manufacturing industries. Good working relationships with many vendors. Extensive project management experience.

Personal: Willing to travel. Fluent in German language and experienced in German and Japanese intercultural skills. Possess current US passport. Hobbies include electronics, home automation, PDA software development, woodworking, travel, camping and home improvement.

Security: Possessed DoD Top Secret clearance (expired 1986), DoD Secret clearance (expired 1996). Extensive experience with computer and procedural security.


B.S. Computer Science, American Institute of Computer Science, 2002. Completed requirements for the Associates of Science in Computer Science with the Community College of the Air Force. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification (#26591), expires 11/2004. Currently pursuing GIAC/GSEC certification.


·        Project Management Institute (PMI)

·        Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

·        Computer Security Institute (CSI)


Furnished upon request.