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Infrastructure Documentation

One of the core tenants of IT security is that you can't protect an infrastructure if you don't understand it. Keeping track of users, understanding what applications are installed, and controlling access are all critical to implementing and managing effective security, and all of them require that you develop and maintain up-to-date documentation on your IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, as businesses grow, their IT staff is usually focused on supporting users and keeping the infrastructure functioning correctly, and have little time for developing or maintaining detailed documentation.

Delta's Infrastructure Documentation service is designed to help you understand your IT infrastructure and manage change. The service begins by collecting information on the various technology, functional and operational components of your IT infrastructure, including:

Once all of the necessary details have been gathered, Delta will develop two items: a document that describes the broad components of your infrastructure (i.e. policies & procedures, plans, etc.) and a Microsoft Access database that contains the details on specific components (i.e. systems, applications, configurations, etc.). Both will be provided to you in electronic form (Microsoft Word or HTML for the document), along with a document that defines the procedures for updating and maintaining them. The database will also include various report generators that will allow you to extract information on virtually any of the details of your infrastructure.


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