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"The Difference in IT Security"

Delta Security Solutions offers a wide range of services designed to help small- to mid-sized organizations define and meet their Information Technology security goals. This includes everything from a core security audit to providing an Contract Security Officer to fully-customized security solutions.

Our Methodology

Delta utilizes a proven methodology for delivery of all of our services. We start with a meeting with you and your IT staff to understand your environment and ensure that we have a good grasp of your needs. We will then develop a concise, easy-to-understand proposal that defines exactly what will be done, how we will do it, what you will receive and what the cost will be. We will also develop and provide to you a detailed project plan that shows the schedule for the effort, along with resource requirements and milestones. During the effort you will be kept up-to-date on our progress with weekly status reports to ensure that everything is on schedule and meeting your needs.


Delta is a strong believer in the value of clear and concise documentation. Regardless of which type of service we deliver, you will receive a report that defines exactly what we have done and how we accomplished it. For analysis efforts, the report will contain a detailed list of the issues we've uncovered and how they impact you, along with recommendations for addressing those isses. Recommendations will also include cost and benefits information and, when appropriate, a list of products and other services that would address your needs.


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