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Expanded Threat Assessment

The numbers and types of potential security threats that a business such as yours faces changes on an almost daily basis. In our Core Security Audit service, Delta provides a detailed threat assessment based on the current situation. However, some businesses prefer to maintain a dynamic picture of the current threat environment and their vulnerabilities. To meet this need, Delta offers our Expanded Threat Assessment service.

With this service, you will receive a very detailed report on the specific threats your business faces. This includes information such as:

Once this information has been gathered, it will be documented and a numerical value that represents your current threat level will be defined.

Dynamic updates

Since the threat analysis process requires ongoing updates, Delta will also provide you with a Microsoft Access database that contains all of the threat information gathered during the effort, organized by the threat sources, targets, methods and objectives. This information will be ranked based on various factors, such as the probability of a successful attack and the potential impact any attack might have on your business. Each combination will be assigned a numeric value that, when totaled, represents your current threat level. Any changes in potential threats or improvements to your IT environment's security can easily be updated in the database, allowing you to dynamically generate a new threat level value. This can also be extremely useful for 'what if' type analysis to determine how any changes to threat sources or your environment's security would affect your business.


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