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Core Security Audit

The Core Security Audit is the starting point for understanding and defining your security needs. It provides the basis for developing security solutions that help ensure that your business can survive the risks posed by the ever-increasing number of security threats in the world today.

The Core Security Audit has four basic phases:

Phase 1 - Information Technology infrastructure analysis

The Information Technology infrastructure analysis is the starting point of a Core Security Audit. During this phase Delta will gather detailed information on all of the components of your infrastructure that could impact your security. This includes:

This information will be utilized to develop a threat assessment and identify potential security issues.

Phase 2 - Threat assessment

Once Delta has a good feel for what your IT infrastructure does, how it does it, and what it means to you, we will develop and document a list of potential threats. This will include potential sources of threats, potential targets for each type of threat, and methods that may be used. Each threat will be described in terms of its potential impact to your business.

Phase 3 - Security issue identification

Utilizing the information gathered in Phases 1 & 2, Delta will identify and document specific security isues that might exist in your IT infrastructure. This will include a detailed description of each issue and how the issue could potentially impact your business.

Phase 4 - Recommendation development

Based on the issues idenitified in Phase 3, Delta will develop and document a detailed list of recommendations for improving the security of your IT infrastructure. Each recommendation will describe what issues it addresses and how it resolves them, along with a cost/benefits analysis for implementing the recommendation. The cost of the recommendation will be described not only in terms of purchase cost, but also staffing costs and on-going maintainance costs. All recommendations are developed in the context of your business model, so you can be sure they're something you can realistically implement.


Once the effort is complete, Delta will prepare a detailed report of all findings. The report will be written in easy-to-understand language (not technospeak) and will focus on your specific issues in the context of your business. The report will include an executive summary, detailed information and findings for all phases of the effort, and a list of references. Delta will also turn over to you all hardcopy and electronic information gathered during the effort.


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