JoAnne Hanson Adams


Born in 1951 in Berkeley, CA. JoAnne Hanson Adams first became aware she had a strong interest and ability as an artist at an early age when she began copying her babysitter's drawings. She was sure she could draw them better. Striving to be a better artist has been her goal ever since.

To support her goal as a painter she continues to pursue her education, working to develop her sense of color, composition and naturally those richly satisfying qualities that transcend mere form. JoAnne received her BA in Art at the University of California Santa Cruz in 1985, which was followed with a graduate program. Originally a painter of big abstract oils, she has moved on to more representational images working with such notable plein air painters as Kevin MacPherson, John Cosby and Barry John Raybould. Her desire to give visible form to something inherently nonvisual (i.e. emotions) was important in her earlier abstracts and has continued to be a basis for her current work.

Dramatic changes in Adams' painting have often been the result of her own personal journey through physical and psychological turmoil. A life threatening illness resulted in a reassessment of her life and her art. The need to be more in the moment and to connect with the immediate world around her lead her to explore Plein air painting. “There is great joy in capturing the fleeting essence of a moment in time. It is this challenge that keeps me intrigued and excited.”

JoAnne splits much her painting time between Santa Cruz, California and Hana, Maui, Hawaii. Both locations are blessed with extraordinary coastlines and local rural areas, rich in many motifs. ”The beauty of the world before me is so inspiring and diverse.” No doubt, she will be presented with a limitless source of exquisite moments to string together for a long time to come.

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