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Some   of   the   finest   Violin   style   bass   guitars   made!!!

I like the look and feel of the violin style bass guitars and I'd like to share
a couple picture of some that I think you'll like.

Paul McCartney's Bass, Made by Hofner

This bass guitar is the Hofner 500/1 style and sales between $1200.00 and $1500.00.
Hofner made different styles of this bass depending on the year you got it.

This model is also a Hofner 500/1 but this one was called the Cavern Bass. It too
is priced in the same price range. This one had the 2 pickups set closer together
than the other Hofner 500/1 models.

This Hofner is the 68 model of the 500/1. It's a reissue of the 63 model.

This is the Hofner Super Beatle model. I owned one of these once. It's a nice
bass also. It's the same style as the other Hofners, with the controls set
just a little different. Below is a picture of me playing my old Hofner
Super Beatle bass Guitar.

Hofner later came out with the Hofner 5000/1 model which is a white bass
trimmed in gold. I'm not too sure of the cost, I've been told it's in the
$2000.00+ price range.

Here's a hot new line of Hofner's with new colors to pick from. You can check
these out at the below listed web site. These guitars are really hot!!! You have to
check them out.

This is the Bass that I now own. It's the Viola Bass made by Epiphone, which
is a Gibson Guitar Product. It's as nice as the Hofner, but with the Gibson
sound and quality, and has a nice Epiphone price. You're looking at a $900.00
list price but you can find it for about $500.00 if you look hard enough.

Great copies are being made of the Violin style bass like this one made by Rogue.
It's a great value at about $400.00. It's a poor bass player's Hofner. :-)
This one is made with great specifications and if you can't afford the Hofner or the
Epiphone, look into this one.

This is a Vox Violin Bass. Vox is the same maker of the Vox Amps that the
Beatles used in the early days. I'm not sure of the cost but I know it's not
too much more that the Epiphone.

Here's the EKO Fiddle Bass. This guitar is that weird 60s-looking butt-ugly design theme
from Italy. They're okay instruments with an ebony fretboard. These are going for about
$375.00. Les Claypool got excited for one and has been repeatedly photographed with this.

Oh Boy! Here's a fiddle bass body with a Hagstrom neck and pickups, dressed as a Hofner
Beattle bass. This bass is listed for $375.00.

Check out this custom refinished Hofner Cavern bass Old, old, old with pewter finish.
This is a beautiful finish and goes for $1500.00. See the difference? It's a Hofner!

Foto Removed

Here's the Jay Turser Hofner-Style Beatle Hollow-body Violin Bass. This was seen at Steve's
Music Center in Monticello, NY for about $292.00.

Another Violin copy was the one shown above made by Ibanez. But, it's a
copy of the Gibson Violin Style bass guitar. I couldn't hind a picture of
the one that Gibson put out but they also make their re-issue of this same
bass under the Epiphone name, by Gibson.

I also had a cheaper (meaning the cost) violin bass when I was about 13 years old that was made
by Greco. I haven't seen it sense those days of ole'. It was a great practice bass, and
it looked great. But thanks to Jeremy Powlak who located a foto of the Greco Violin Bass,
(on the left), and Shawn Nelson from Anderson, Indiana who took and also sent us the foto
of his 1965 Greco, (seen on the right), you can now see what a nice looking bass it is. It does look
great in green.

Thanks again to Jeremy and Shawn

And Now, the moment you've all been waiting for... ...Me and my Greco Bass Guitar!!!

Yes, that's me, looking all buff with my Greco bass guitar many moons ago. :-)
Oh boy. I remember those days. And get a load of those pants!!! Purple wool pants.
That's what 1968 looked like. I was smart, but I was kewl!!! I was about 12 or 13
years old here. :-)

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c u later

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