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Military Ocean Terminal, Bayonne, New Jersey

a brief look

On Sept 30th, 1999, the gates of the Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne came to a close. The Military Ocean Terminal (MOT), located in the NY Harbor, was accessable by land, sea, rail and air. It was one day closer to Europe, and housed the best longshoremen on the east coast. It has the largest drydock on the east coast, visited by many ships to include the Queen Elizabeth II (QE2 as it's known to this world) and is in the World Book of Records. The MOT had it's own Medical Clinics located at building 52B and building 42, 4th floor, their own Fire Department and their their own Police Department. At one time, the MOT employed over 3000 people and had as many as 2000 visitors a day who wanted to visit the Federal Records Center, ship their cars, join the military, use the PX, do their banking or use the NYPOE Federal Credit Union, play sports like putt-putt, softball, basketball, wrestling, tennis, or to enjoy music, drink and dancing at the MOTBY Community Club, and later, the Harbor View Club. The MOT was also home to Military members of the Navy and the Army who lived in the barracks located in building 72 on C Street, later renamed Constitution Ave. And located at the foot of Constitution Ave was Goldsboro Village, which had 9 apartment buildings and housed 152 military families from not only around the United States, but around the world. And for years, the Navy docked the USN Fiske on the MOT's North Pier.

So many diferent types of people and activities on this 437 acres of dry land. A small scale city in it's own right. Things did not always go right in this civilian and military comunity. It was the job of the Department of Defense Police to keep the peace and to make sure things were right.

This Web Site is dedicated to the men and women of the Ocean Terminal's Police Department who came here and later moved on, retired, closed the gates for the last time, and for those Officers who joined their brother and sister officers on the Honor Rolls.

The Members Of The DoD Police Department
Military Ocean Terminal
Bayonne, New Jersey


Albert Abate, Ayman Abaza, Nick Affuso, Angel Alicea, Jim Borelli, Joe Brown, Terence Brown,
William (Bill) Brown, Joe Cascino, Bill Clark, Julio Concepcion, Mark Correal, Eric Costello,
Al Coulter, Jim Davis, Mike Dapuzzo, Billy DeGraff, Mike Depolous, Raymond Dias,
Chrispino Estaban, William Ferrell, Jose Figueroa, Tommy Finnigan, Miguel Garcia, Drew Gmitro,
Colester Grear, Mike Growbowski, Frank Gurick, Gregory Hall, Greg Hebert, Ron Heer,
Albert Ikola, Jimmy Johnson, Safety Officer Jerry Jones, Bobby Keane, Greg Kerrison,
Doug Lawrence, Larry Lee, Ed Lewandoski, Frank McGuffin, Juan Marrero, Pedro Martinez,
Richie Martinez, Fran Mattsson, Mike Meehan, Ralph Memmen, Randy Millen, Irving Morrell,
Larry Mortimer, Tony Mullen, Mike Muth, Jerome Myers, Michael Neal, Eddie O'Connor,
Allen Odes, Alan Ortaga, Willie Parczaek, Nick Pashun, Peter Peralta, Frank Pettinato, Rick Phifer,
Kevin Powell, Marshal Provost, Joe Reed, Mike Reed, Robert Redman, Bill Rolland,
Jimy Ramadan, Michael Russo, Moe Savage, Beaula Somes, Fred Stuck, Terry Taylor,
Pete Ubanawitz, Stan Vaughn, Felix Vasques, Juan Vasques, Ralph White, LeRoy Wierzchowicz,
Woodrow Wilson, Richard Wolff, and Frankie Zuccaro


James Bessinger, Iris Cormier, Ed Hamlett, Ralph Streeter, Mike Verdon


Andy Anderson, John Brooks, Kenny Carstens, John Dominick,
Michael Evans, Phillip Francis, Sam Ives, Larry Meyers,
Det Joe Nocerino, Jesus Otero, Sal Pennise, Henry Ray, John Roberts,
Sixto (Danny) Soler, Nick Squccarini, Sandy Staudt, Bill Tierney,
Pete Wagner, Bill Wroblewski


Garlin Ballard, Loydell Beatty, Purcell Brooks, Frank Buccino, Carl Carter,
Danny Diaz, Bob Donner, Allison Doyle, Jose Lima, Giuseppe Marini,
Dewy Miles, Joe Morabito, Doug Torres

Heads of Department

Chief Russell Beyer, Chief Artie Krause, Chief Popko, Chief Bart Umek

The Honor Roll

You may be gone from this world, but you'll never be forgotten

Ptlm Ernie Alberque, Ptlm Enoch Boyd, Ptlm Rick Grikis, Ptlm Carroll Johnson, Ptlm Ray Papowski,
Ptlm Ed Pinckney, Artie Poulas, Ptlm Leon Richardson, Ptlm Louis Vasquez

Sgt Hugo Famagetti

Lt Teddy Makowski, Lt Joseph Vulcano

Chief Ambrose Artaserse

Thanks to the department's ladies that kept our paperwork right and running

Betty McCue, Peaches (not her real name, I'm sure), Susan Magonical, Vanessa, Janet Martinez, Sharon (who was that Spanish chick that worked in the Chief office, Jane Vignully. I know there's more, but I need help getting them all together. Please keep checking back.

Thank you for taking the time to read these names.


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