it's the sinking
the greyness
the gaps that aren't filled
and the lonely estrangement
in different degrees that
conform us
and mould us
and make us all fit
in the plan
in the scheme
in the wonderful order of things
and we all have our niche
yes we each have our place
and our own special role
which we play in the game
but we follow the rules
yes we'll follow the rules
above everything else
with our backs to the wall
and our arms to the walls
we stare blindly ahead
for where else can we see
and we see what we're told to
and hear what we're told to
we like it
no love it
for we are secure
so secure
as we hide behind causes and big black machines
so much bigger than men
what are men
no-one knows anymore
but we all have our views
and they all are the same
even so we are happy
contented to live from each day
to the next,
or at least so i'm told.

JDP 72/04

Copyright John D Porter © 1972

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