Integration By Parts (I Love You)

From my car, I see your right
eye (almond, chocolate, bitter-
sweet--I can sense (it is my gift to you) the
inventory of your tears), glancing and
pretending not to (covet--you will (fear
not) throw away your memories of wasted tears).
I see your shadows (a tease of angles,
coy, concealing), right brow (so attentive), cheek,
a few soft
strands (so calculating--
you are aware of the setting sun).

From my car, I see your left
ear (transparent, flushed, pierced) (more than once)
(flesh). You touch your left
temple (to show me your
gentle fingers, to demonstrate your
patient caressing) you
stroke your (cheek? lips?--out of sight and you
know this, you plan this, deliberately, you
tilt your head).

From my car, I see your hair (loose and free),
the reflection of sunlight off your left
shoulder (naked, shining, I can taste your
salt, your bitter scent)--you shift (to let me
measure your frame, to permit me to plan
the motions of my hands) and you (turn,
less than five degrees, just to let me glimpse your left
breast) and (you move again, to let me time the motion
of your breasts) (to let me
estimate weight, volume, fluidity) (to let me plan un-
fastenings, trajectories, pressures and
(I will savour the cadence of your cries) the
precise repetition of my kisses).

From my car, I sense your heart-
beats, (I see your perspiration as
an increase in reflectivity,
your pulse as a throbbing spot of rust-red
sunlight on your) (oh,
the silhouette
of your throat).

JDP 97/05

Copyright John D Porter © 1997

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