You're OK and I'm Glad

When we found the cat
I knew you wouldn't stay in the car. You

raised your voice

when it
screamed when I picked it up by the scruff. You

raised your voice

when I set it down in the
brush by the side of the road, so I moved


voice when I said
there was nothing to be done. It knew. I knew.
The lasereyes
(I thought
it would remember being carried
by the scruff) That's why

(I can recite
the observations -- such as
blood [the smell:
paralysis, and matted hair [paralysis][I thought of a


child]; [night-night] the crying
noises [sleep][night-night][the small, pink crenellated tongue] the crying
as it breathed;
the way I breathed
through my teeth and my nose; my voice was low inside my throat
as if I were humming in an octave all my ;
at my face [you thought I didn't][only on the exhalation]
notice how its eyes -- I could go on and on). Remember

how I stroked its head, made
sing-song noises to you both, remember
how I told you
there was nothing to be done? Remember how I left it

in the spot you chose?

I washed I checked for
lice. The next day
it was gone (I checked). (I checked)That night
I saw another one.
I swerved. I didn't stop.

JDP 2001/09

Copyright John D Porter © 2001

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